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If you missed the show you can catch it at 6am/6pm on FBi Click or listen back here.

Next week we have very special gust Anatole coming in to play live, gonna be stax of fun!




The Malibu

by Paisley

Very funky release from Sydney sider Paisley. Out through the good peeps at Gentle Records this one’s got old school flavour galore, serious head nod bizz.




Permanent Revelation

by Anomie

Debut LP from Anomie out of Sydney. Fusing all the best parts of hip hop, dub and bass in one record with tones of political unrest and activism. Grab some local goods!




Touched by an Angel

by Dylan Michél

Melbourne beat maker Wooshie releases some haunting new material under his human name Dylann Michél. Static infused kick drums and pulsating melodies make for tasty tasty listening pleasure. Out through This Thing and pay what you want styles




Summer in Jakarta

by Jakarta Records

Super comp from Jakarta Records featuring a whole bag of talented peeps including FuFa favs Ta-ku, Suff Daddy, Mura Masa and IAMNOBODI. All for the very tasty price of free




Expansion Sound Vol. 2

by Expansions Collective

Missed this one a few weeks back from Expansions Collective. Put together by Mecca:83 and featuring the best in bass heavy dusty future beats from across the globe. Name your price style.






Strict Face – Slow Fields
Anomie – How To Speak To The Light info
Strict Face – In Everygreen
Hudson Mohawke – Chimes info
Strict Face – New Moonlight
Danny Scrilla x Om Unit – Hunch (Eprom Remix)
Anomie – First World Problems info
Entheogenesis & Cavalier – Pulse
Anatole – Undercurrent info
Gillepsy – Yung Summer info
DZA x Kidkanevil – Temple info
20Syl – VO52-V1M info
Lusine – Forks info
Eprom – Center of the Sun info
G Jones – Lowrider info
IAMNOBODI – Brothers info
Ghost Feet – Give Me Something info
Pawcut – 2%er info
Farhot – So Good info
Futro Beats – Spacewalk info
DJ Shadow – Ghost Town info
Anatole – Semaphore info
Dylan Michel – If U Want 2
BSN Posse – Together info
oddlogic – one for hank
Paisley – I Miss You
Paisley – Tokyo
Deft – I Don’t Use MPC info
Robot Orchestra – SeeSaw32 info
Anomie – Sky Sailing info
Big Sigh – If I Could info
Mura Masa – Miss You info
Mecca:83 – The Inbetween info
2SHDWS – Ekaterina info
Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble – Vibrate info
Suff Daddy – Pre Game Chillout info
Lusine – Arterial info
Ta-ku – Uh info
Paisley – After School Tea Time info
Dylan Michel – Alejaandro’s Room info
My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – Red info
Anatole – Westbrook

Back to the Future Face

Some tasty treats this week, didn’t get to play everything I wanted so do yourself a favour and check out these releases



Ring The Alarm

by G Jones

BASS! Damn, G Jones puts out some seriously big tunes all the time and this release is no exception. Fuzzy distorted synths, big boomin kicks and snappy snares to get you moving. Pay what you want styles as always through the excellent Saturate Records




Polygon Fane

by Pixelord

Everyone’s favourite Russian producer is back with the goods, out through Infinite Machine. Combining all genres of the future beat/bass scene this is almost a cross section of what’s going on in Russia at the moment. You know this dude, you know what to expect -> get it




Slow Waves

by submerse

Very tasty, floating release from submerse out through Project Mooncircle. Melodies wash over you in waves in an almost dreamlike sound space punctured by deep kicks and creative percussion. Delicious




Om Unit Presents: Cosmology

by Cosmic Bridge Records

One of my favourite producers brings the goods with this showcase of label producers. Stax of really great tunes on this one, all flitting around the Cosmic Bridge signature sound -> big heavy, fast/slow future bass/beat.




Before Vol 2

by Deft

A tasty collection of bits and bobs, unfinished projects and corrupt files sitting on Deft’s hard drive. Deft has a unique boom bap that always gets the heads nodding, some pretty killer stuff on this one.




This Week’s playlist:

NeguimBeats – TypeOne info
NeguimBeats x JnrBeats – Simplicity info
Dorian Concept – Draft Culture info
Swarvy – Creepin’ info
M. Constant – Funes info
DZA x KidKanevil – Scarecrow info
Drip Drop – Gurren Iagann
Enschway – Cold info
JL – Kilo Kilo info
Bowzer – Liquid Sunshine info
G Jones – Lowrider info
Pixelord – Polygon Fane info
Hudson Mohawke – Chimes info
Drip Drop – R X – 7 8
Danny Scrilla x Om Unit – Hunch (Epoch Remix) info
Renz – Always info
Melodiesinfonie – Rund Herum Gehts info
This Mess – Glowbe info
Tuff Luv – Change
Option Command – Webz info
Deft – Arx Him info
G Jones – Into The Digital Abyss info
Deft – I Don’t Use MPC
G Jones – Enigma info
Kromestar – V7STX info
Tuff Luv – Gone info
submerse – Cut From The Team info
Pixelord – Answer (Seafloor Remix) info
Om Unit & Moresounds – Nuff Music info
Godfather Sage – PEACE (Alveol Inner Peace Remix) info
submerse – Shoreline info
Kanyon – Just Another info
Melodiesinfonie – Amateur Soul (Tribute to Arda) info
NeguimBeats X Kolombiano – Bobby Womack
Melodiesinfonie – Badum info
Able 8 x Dusty Ohms – Bawse
Deft – Wolf info
submerse – Fumes info
Deft – Clientel info
submerse – Tapes info
Souleance – Vem Jogar info
Hunt For The Breeze – Transmission Loop info
Dusty Ohms – High Noon info
AF The Naysayer – Shock


Heaps of releases this week, played a bunch of tunes from Pixelord’s new bizz Polygon Fane due out on the 28th and Gem Drops Four out on the 29th.  Some of our choice picks this week…


Feels Plenty EP

by Kwze

Sydney beat maestro Kwze back with some fire! Tasty tasty bass, big synths and mixing in some trap, boom bap cadilac beats. Pay what you want styles




Free The Beats vol. 12

by Free The Beats

Sydney crew Free the Beats brings us the goods with Vol 12 of their regular compilations. Taking on a vocal collab/remix theme and featuring beatmakers from Sydney, Melbourne and all over.



Kaiju EP

by DZA x Kidkanevil

Two Future Face favourites team up for a super bleepy release. Twists, blops, squeaks and squaks galore, out through Moscow label How2Make. Stax’o’fun



Strange Fruit

by Secret Xrigins

Doc Mastermind and Profesor Panson have been making beautiful music under their Secret Xrigins alter ego. Sweet sweet future funk/space soul, driving music for spaceships.



Neon Sound Machine

by Whatiz.biz

Californian label Whatiz.biz put together a stellar line up for this head nod focused compilation. Featuring producers from all over including Sydney’s Ears and Melbourne’s The Eggman. Name your price styles



Playlist below:

Kwze – Burnnn
M. Constant – Funes info
DZA x Kidkanevil – Temple info
Swarvy – Creepin info
Noah Harvey – BasementRedux info
Meare – So Fine (Papertoy Remix) info
Able8 – Nintendoe info
DZA x Kidkanevil – Scarecrow info
Pixelord – Mist info
Gillepsy – Yung Summer info
B-Ju – Merianplatz info
Dorian Concept – Draft Culture info
Kwze – Ghost Feels
Anomie – First World Problems info
Kwze – Rizky Like
B-Ju – Got It From Fritz
Futro Beats – Spacewalk
Godfather Sage – P.E.A.C.E. (Alveol Inner Peace Remix)
Pixelord – Answer info
Pixelord – Answer (Seafloor Remix) info
Free The Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit) info
Jozz Scott – Whispers info
Submerse – Shoreline info
Option Command – Webz info
This Mess – Glowbe info
Kill Emil – That’s All info
Secret Xrigins – ExcuzeYew info
How Green – Beautiful Quirks info
Kill Emil – What The Rain Takes Away info
Dusty Ohms – High Noon info
AF The Naysayer – Shock info
Secret Xrigins – Lurk info
Able8 x Dusty Ohms – Baw$e info
[REC] – Escape from Uranus
Kill Emil – Overture To The Sun info
Dupree – Amsterdam – Swoon info
eLan – After Effects info
Pixelord – Videobar (Thomas White remix)
SLUMBERJACK x Keely Jackson – Crave the Rain (Lakim Remix)

Fresh Future Friday!

.. welcome to fresh future fridayl were we post out favesies releases of the late week or so… if ya missed the radio show, stream on demand at FBIRADIO.. also we are now getting replayed on FBi Click 6am and 6pm Wednesday nights. digital radio is so future….



Russ Liquid – In Love

This free album from Russ Liquid is totes worth having to click the download button on each of the 15 tracks. a more chilla baby making vibe from russ.



Skydreams – SKY07


Sydney crew Skydreams just dropped a new tape.. featuring a few nice selections of beat, including a standout jam from option command! #FREE


Meare – So Fine/Eyes On remix EP

Our m8 Meare stopped by for a special mix a few weeks back, was very dope. he dropped this PaperToy remix in there which is now out!


Playlist :::

Russ Liquid – NYC Blue   

This Mess – Glowbe       

Option Command – Webz            

Slamagotchi – Night Crawler       

Boats – Official  

Mux Mool – Weederlude             

Haan808 – Paris Talks     

Go Yama x Elaquent – Taste So Sweet Real          

This Mess – Side By Side                info

Baloon The Boom – Tonight Part II           

Trian Kayhatu – Beats For B         

JuSoul – Untitled              

Bingo Bailey – Hit Fit       

Free The Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit)

Doshy – Redworm           

Harmonic313 – Cycletron              

DOC Mastermind – Cold Steel

Meare – Eyes On (fm Remix)      

De’kcuf – The Joker        

tomtom – Lorenzo          

Mono/Poly – Ra Rise      

Beat Gates – Stoned Balkans      

Evil Needle & Sivey – Royal Jelly

Swarvy – Creepin             

Ruff Draft – Greatest Feeling      

Maybewise – No One Else           

Russ Liquid – How Long 

Baauer – Clang   info

Meare – So Fine (Papertoy Remix)          

Melty – Underground Lake         

Rustie – Raptor  info

Jailo & Kppa Kavi – Why Don’t You (boeboe remix)            i

Doshy – Midnight Request Line 

Hidden Peaks – Don’t Want To Swim       

Pixelord – Google Yourself          

Loscoe – BDC     

Gilespie – Love On The Desktop

Future Fush

Tasty tasty treats this week. Played a bunch of tracks from the forthcoming Submerse album and also Gem Drops Four

Both coming out later this month so we’ll be playing more from these over the next few weeks. Played a lot of down under bizz too, so many great producers right now, big ups to the local talent!

Some of our favs below…


The High Tape

by Harris Cole

Chicago dude Harris Cole drops this delightful gem. Some super head nod beats on this one, really chill with just the right amount of funk thrown in for good measure. Out through Blvnt Records




Before We Leave

by Krampfhaft

Debut album from Krampfhaft out now through Rwina Records. Dark atmospheric synths muddled with clanging metal percussion and big bottom end. Grab it on vinyl or digital through the usual suspects.



In Half Light

by This Mess

Debut full length from Wollongong duo This Mess. Full of souldful vocals, luscious synths and punchy percussion. Very tasty vibes indeed. Pay what you want styles



Artificial Remixed

by Malou Morkeberg

Just a few months after her debut release comes this great remix album. Out through Broken Bubbles and gathering talent from all over, definietly a list of producers to keep an eye on. Pay what you want stylie


Playlist below:


Krampfhaft – Before We Leave info
M. Constant – Fumes
James Blake – Life Round Here (Sh?m Bootleg Remix) info
Elbee – Mute Hatch info
Krne – Jangle info
Kwze – Burnnn
Devonwho – Sunder info
Krampfhaft – Dormant Code info
Anomie – First World Problems info
Dystrophin – Strike Out
Able8 – Nintendoe info
Krane – Aryah info
Djao – Shadow info
Noah Harvey – BasementRedux info
Swarvy – Creepin info
Anatole – Undercurrent info
Malou Morkeberg – Sim Jtandridge (Sh?m Remix) info
Player 2 – Suckman Rides the Quaser
Baauer – Clang info
Krampfhaft – Mostly Empty Space info
Hairy Knuckles – Paul Signac info
Bleep Bloop & The Originalz – De Fiver info
Krampfhaft – Waiting for Emma
Pixelord – Mist info
Deep Shoq – Eager info
Virtual Proximity – Outside Looking In info
Submerse – Cut From The Team info
Kwze – Dollar info
20syl – Kodama info
Free the Robots – Frownin (Robots Edit) info
Submerse – Shoreline info
Harris Cole feat A Sol Mechanic – Eternal Sunshine
This Mess – Glowbe info
Maybewise – Welcome to the Fishbowl info
This Mess – Interlude info
Harris Cole – Changes (w/ Dr. Dundiff) info
Submerse – Snorlax info
Malou Morkeberg – Intergalactic Oompa Loompa (Jacob 2-2 Remix)
Malou Morkeberg – Altered States (Blood Boy Remix) info
Submerse – Tapes info
Harris Cole – Grind (w/ CYGN) info
Lone – Meeker Warm Energy info



Big ups to Meare for coming in this week, played some super fresh tunes from all the peeps playing on Thursday the 3rd, check out the deets here

Here are some of our weekly favourites



Saturated Vol 4

by Saturate Records

The fine folk at Saturate Records never fail to bring the goods and this one is no exception. Hard hitting future tipped bangers from a super talented bunch of producers. Free download as always




Never Slept Volume 1

by Never Slept

Huge compilation from new Aussie label Never Slept. Bright future focused dance floor tunes galore, definitely ones to keep an ear out for. Free download!



Outer Crust

by Uncomfortable Beats

Melbourne label Uncomfortable Beats opened up submisions world wide for their latest compilation. A huge turn out of dope producers from around Australia and the globe make for a killer release of classic and future hop instrumentals. Name your price styles



Playlist below

Evil Needle & Sivey – Baby info
Hairy Knuckles – Paul Signac info
Maybewise – No One Else info
Rustie – Raptor info
Dr. Dundiff – Bedtime info
Dibia$e – Khorus info
Mux Mool – Weederlude info
Dr. Dundiff – flashbax info
Meare – Eyes On info
Kid Fiction – Untitled info
Roleo – I Know U Can Hear Me info
Kid Fiction – Untitled info
PaperToy – New York Girl info
Moonbase Commander – Tom Nook info
Meare – So Fine info
Luisterwaar – Collect and Raid info
Koetry – Somebody
Robo-Lantern – Bandito info
Noah Harvey – BasementRedux
Traaftwerk – Bangerbells
Anatole – Undercurrent info
Doshy – Midnight Request Line
Kwze – Ghost Feels
Evil Needle & Sivey – Next Gen info
Blaze Tripp – Dope info
Ribongia – Slave Trade info
Know V.A. – Wasp info
Aesco & Nikes – Sunbass VIP info
Dusty Ohms – Destiny info
Ink Stains – Peace info
XLII – Convoy info
Maybewise – Welcome to the Fishbowl info
Mux Mool – Galore info
Harris Cole – Grind info
Amin Payne – Connected info
Apostrophe S – Moonshine info
Loan – Meeka Warm Energy


Huge show this week with special guest Kwze joining us in the studio. If you didn’t catch his killer set you can listen back HERE.

A few of our favourites below:



Last Scratchie in the Shop

by Kwze

Our special guest this week released a tasty EP just this week, freely available for a facebook like. Plus he has a new EP in the works which you got a taste of last night.





Welcome to the Fishbowl

by Maybewise

Maybewise outta west Philly release their debut EP on Belgian Man Records. Sparse abstract percussion and deep pulsing bass galore, really special stuff here. Name your price styles.





Scaredy Cat

by Robo-Lantern

Out through Free the Beats comes a tasty treat from Sydney’s Robo-Lantern. Hypnotic dreamlike synths pulsated by booming bass and solid beats to get your head nodding.





Appetite for Production

by Mux Mool

Mux Mool back in action with this one through Super Best Records. It seems like a while since I’ve heard new stuff from Mux but he is definitely back in action. Name your price styles!





Slamagotchi – Vibrations info
The Other Side – So Gifted info
Pixelord – Tripple Star info
Maybewise – No One Else info
Robo-Lantern – Bandito info
Noah Harvey – Basement Redux info
Submerse – Struck Out info
John Pon(d)scum – Brux info
Melty – Access Denied info
20syl – C.Y.D.T.T. (Can You Dance To This?) info
Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Three AM (Bleep Bloop Remix) info
Traaftwerk – Bangerbells info
D Tiberio – Let Her
Krne – Aryah
Kwze – Live Set info
Traaftwerk – Ravehood info
EP – Love Drunk
Slamagotchi – Twin info
Robo-Lantern – Upside Down Frown info
Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Chillhood info
Mux Mool – Finish Her
Free the Robots – Two Snakes info
Elbee – Zeldomeld info
Mux Mool – Galore
Slamagotchi – Night Crawler info
20syl – Kodama info
Mux Mool – Weederlude
Maybewise – Welcome to the Fishbowl


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