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We’ve taken the plunge and moved to a new home >>> fufa.life <<<< See you there

Downtempo Goodness and Other Pleasures

So many releases this week! Catch the show ~>~>~>~> here. We’re also in the process of shifting the site to tumblr, if you’ve got your own let us know so we can link up >>>> futurefaceradio.tumblr

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by How Green & Datãkae

Adelaidians How Green & Datakae give us this very mellow and charming 6 tracker. Created over the course of a few jam sessions using filed recordings and a bunch of hardware out through the awesome people that are Uncomfortable Beats

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Movin’ Forward – A Tribute To DJ Rashad

by Machinedrum

A very touching tribute to the late great DJ Rashad. Features tracks that Rashad and Machinedrum started but didn’t finish before he passed. As a tribute, Machinedrum set out to finish the tracks and also included a couple of his own new tracks inspired by the man. All proceeds go to Rashad’s family and estate. Tasty juke business, don’t sleep>>

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Greatest Hits

by Fuzzoscope & Allied Forces Press

Featuring tracks from the 6 volumes of Earwax Ziptapes put out by Allied Forces Press now all together on tape! Plus the digital is pay what you want, win, WIN!

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by Iller / Virtual Flannel

Iller (The Abstract Giraffe) and Virtual Flannel on his killer split tape from Dirty Tapes. Tasty tasty stuff

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Check the playlist below::::

Bambooman – Cauchemar
Long Arm – Kellion info
Xixool – Luv & Stuffs info
Jaystar – Dark Sun info
Tsuruda – f*cks_2_give? [0]
Tsuruda – drunken_boxing
Evil Needle – Heaven in Hell info
Evil Needle – Love Bells info
Up High Collective – Kineticuts info
Shannon Phone – Traced Away info
Tsuruda – madness info
Iris – Let Me Down EZ info
C Y G N – Geometric info
Up High Collective – Mazoeka info
kLL sMTH – Disheveled info
Up High Collective – Nightways info
Submerse – Gloom info
Asdasfr Bawd – Lave (Wabz RMX) info
DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Machinedrum – Tha Flow info
Submerse – Trip
Machinedrum – The $$$
Machinedrum – All I Really Want info
Up High Collective – Opus Nimbus info
Tsuruda – high_endz? info
ATF x Doc Heller – Cosmik Booty info
Submerse – Blueprints
ATF x Doc Heller – Bank info
Iller – Healings info
Abnormal – Low Leaf Flip
Evil Needle – Consciousness info
Iller – Greed pt. 1 info
Mieksneak – Vitamins info
Iller the Abstract Giraffe – Guidance info
Mura Masa – Lovesick Fuck info
Evil Needle – Light Ray info
Virtual Flannel – Running Away Together info
How Green & Datakae – Blood Moon info
Luviia – Special Things info
How Green & Datakae – Buckled info
Photay – These Fruits, These Vegetables (Comanche Remix) info
Shash’U – Sunset info
Professor Panson – Awake info
Malik Abdul Rahmaan – Myhomieissugi info
Roleo – headnod shit info
Virtual Flannel – Black Bunnyhug info
Photay – Illusion of Seclusion (Fulgeance Remix)

Future Sound Session

BOOOOOM! Had the boys from Future Sound on this weeks show for super mix session and chat about all thing Future Sound. Catch the show ~>~>~>~> here

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Binge Beats

by Roleo

First up— ROLEO! Future Face host and all round nice guy Roleo gives us some tasty tasty beat treats name your price style

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Kineticuts EP

by Up High Collective

Belgian quintet Up High Collective bring the boom this week. Thumping kicks, distorted squelchy bass, trill synths – all the goods. These guys put on a pretty mean show so definitely go see them when you can

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by Evil Needle

One of Future Face’s favourite frenchmen Evil Needle is back with his 3rd release on Huh What Where. THis guy always brings the goods and has a knack for making banging chillers and this one is no exception.

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by Tsuruda

I hadn’t heard of this guys until the last couple of weeks but man, this is some next level shizz. Really digging the downtempo darkish vibes reminiscent of old school Brainfeeder direction but bringing it into the future.

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We’ll be moving this blog soon so stay tuned for details and a very fresh new look. Check the playlist below::::

C Y G N – Amy Winehouse (C Y G N remix)
Up High Collective – Kineticuts info
Iris – Azoto Rain
Nosaj Thing – Sci info
Tsuruda – Madness
Iris – Let Me Down EZ
Tsuruda – f*cks_2_give [0]
Tsuruda – drunken_boxing
Evil Needle – Consciousness
Ruck P – Corcovado info
Illa J – Strippers (instrumental) info
Dibiase – Madness info
Exploko – Short Bass Strap info
Ambassadeurs – Everyday info
Future Sounds – Guest Mix
Jonny Faith – Revolve info
Doc Mastermind – Lft_R!te info
Jonny Faith – Neon info
Evil Needle – Heaven in Hell info
Up High Collective – Mazoeka info
Up High Collective – Nightways info
J Rohas – Guest Mix ### info
Future – Covered N Money (C Y G N remix)