Future Face – session 2

This week we dropped a whole lot of fresh new bizness on the wonky, skwee n future beat tip in general…
This weeks sonic selection that we are postin for your listenin pleasure is the second half w Monk Fly on the turnies mixing it up… 50ish mins of bangers, bumpers and beauties… 0(((  )))0

Download FutureFace-session2

4/3/10 Playlist ( mix starts from CYMK by Boss Kite)

Kill Off The Vowels (Cleptoclectics Remix) – Collarbones
Holidays – Gonjasufi
Luxxxurious – J Todd
neotokyoblues – BUeLLER
Monsoon – Alex Fox
The Buzz Club – Round & Round (KSamson remix)
Flight Deck – Ad Bourke
moon relish – CRUMBS
Gorom Sen (Shlohmo Remix) – Robot Koch
June Strangelets (Seekae Remix) – Megastick Fanfare
CMYK – Boss Kite
Ghetto Freaks – Coco Bryce
The Makings – House Shoes
There (Lukid Remix) – Osborne
YodazBrain(RuffKut) – AshTreJinkins
Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix) – Shlohmo
Sinbliss ft. Sensational – Nochexxx
Well If I Ever! – Monk Fly
Let Them Sing – Eskmo
Hendt – Eprom
Rubber Sun Grenade – Loops Haunt
Hyperglide – Reso
Saturn Race – 1000names
Satta MariJuana – P.U.D.G.E
Same Old Beat – Sephirot
An English Walk Remix – Suburban Dark
Titans – Slugabed
Pembroke – Airhead & James Blake
MS DOST – Yoff Trotsky & Westernsynthetics
Alien Crunk Dub (Audiovoid Remix) – Mochipet


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