Future Face – session 3

Yo a few problems with the turnies this week… so mix was a little sub par, not worth posting… mental note take own styluses in future. Here’s the playlist anyway…

11/03/10 Playlist
Shadow Of The Lotus – Ben Kinsman
What Is Lost Will Be Found – Mokke
Maternal Hypnosis – Indelible
So WTF – Vlooper
Blue Sky On Mars – Jonny Faith
Boss Worm (Calm as Worm DZA Remix) – Pixelord
Sleepwalker – Boomstix
The Bells Sketch – James Blake
Teeth – Shlohmo
The Churn Of The Century – Bass Nectar
Backup (Filtercutter Remix) – Deekline & Wizard
Lock In The Lion – Airhead & James Blake
Meteorite Shower – Architeq
Turbo Thizz Petnation ( Mindelixir Remix) – Mochipet
Glow – Kuedo
Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Hangover Remix) – Pixelord
Those Girls – Alex Fox
Serged – Mount Kimbie
Sweet Boost – AEED
Psycho (Samiyam Remix) – Illum Sphere
Hurache – Loops Haunt
Nah Teeth – Dem Hunger
Mmm Crunchy Crunch – Rose Specs
Here We Go Again – Dizz1
Pigeon Clap – Edseven
The Light Side – Know-U
I’m Goin’ Wit’ You – Debruit
Luxxxurious – J Todd
Get em’ Up – Paul White
Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix) – Daedelus and Jogger
Bad Science – Rustie
Burn Em – Monk Fly
Dribbles – Crumbs
Shangrila – Floating Points
Testing My Patience – Ben Kinsman


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