Future Face – session 6

This week, was most stoked by new beat compilation Producer 2 out on Fat City, Free The Robots’ new release Crt Alt Delete on Alpha Pup and also Samiyam & Ras G’s new 10″ forthcoming on All City…

hope u enjoy the mix… this wk have just uploaded the first hr session, super laid back and downtempo pimpin styles aplenty.

Download this session

1.4.10 Playlist
Fishsticks – Ras G & Samiyam
Konotakosuke Yaro – Dizz1
For The D (Harmonic 313 Remix) – Eric Lau Rock On – Onra
Be Brave And Have A Heart For Braveheart – The Bushmen
Jupiter – Free The Robots
Orion’s Belt Buckle – Free The Robots
DUNE – Know-U
Elephants Dance – AEED
Loftus 9 – Jenson Brewster
Inspirational Jumpsuit – Low Limit t
Meeting With Medusa – Illum Sphere
Maximalist – Baths
Neon Beams – TakE
Sandwich Terror – Dorian Concept
Divini – VLooper
Stay Blazed – Darkhouse Family
Wandering Gypsy – Free The Robots
Oil Fields – Mono/Poly
Ghetto Freaks – Coco Bryce
yodaz brain (Monk Fly remix) – AshTreJenkins
Global Warning – Free The Robots
Incredibright – Take
Huarache (NastyNasty edit) – Loops Haunt
love and the machine – ROBOT KOCH
Aleatory – Powell
Disposition (feat. Jest) – Vex’d
MS DOST – Yoff Trotsky & Westernsynthetics
Oh The Mystery, Oh The Wonder – gentle force
So Like You – 48/4
Trapperkeeper – Low Limit
Pikku Jouni – Claws Costeau
Brad – Ras G & Samiyam
RockingChair – PasoBionic
Shugaring Emrod Baywatch – Bretzel Zoo
ZX81 – DBridge
Bass Bucket – Dropwise Dubs


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