Future Face – session 7

This week I was most blown away by new beat releases from Alex B on Elm & Oak and Pursuit Grooves’ on Tectonic. Both releases are on the soulful, warm wonk’d out beats tip, which is very interesting considering Tectonic has formerly been a dubstep only label…
Plenty of super other fresh track on the show too this wk, see the track listing and audio below…

This week’s show excerpt starts from Claw & Fangs’ toon Westworld, a wonky dubstep banga

Download this weeks show excerpt here

8.4.10 Playlist
The Hunted – ElekTro4
Out Of The Frame – Roleo
Blaze – SweetAzSoundsystem
vodka gelsi – Millelemmi
Moody Blues – Boss Kite
Pressure – Pursuit Grooves
movies – NastyNasty
Disco Balls – Flying Lotus
Walk – Dabrye
Machine And Voice – Actress
Granite Rock – Free The Robots
The said is enough for the wise – MusSck
Lhasa Dub – Loopsnake
westworld – Claws & Fangs
Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders! – Pinch
SlayBerry – Vibesquad
gmail – NastyNasty
Space – Ras G & Samiyam
8 Bit Waterdrops – Inkswel
Bass Bucket – Dropwise Dubs
GUH – 48/4
May The Force – Danny Drive Thru
RIRRR – Dizz1
Oper8tor – Onra
At Channel One – Alex B
Get-Go – The Phonies
getobonk! – Slugabed
Hot Chop – Alex B
Le Plod – Akimbo
Out for a Shrink Pink Drink – Apes On Tapes
Socks – Shlohmo
Pad 5 – Alex B
Justify (Loopsnake Remix) – Orbit
Majestic (We Will Never End) – gentle force


One Comment on “Future Face – session 7”

  1. boomstix says:

    very tasty mix

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