Future Face – session 8

This wks show was a fun one, came straight from playin at the new Thurs night beats night BASIC so was feelin nice n loose… this wk we had a general mix up of all the amazing new future beat styles that have been comin out thru March & April + a couple older bangas…

Due to the looseness this wk’s show snippet is cut n paste from mostly the 1st hr of the show, missin the first two toons, the FBI auto recorder always misses the first 6 mins for some reason… Enjoy!

Download this wks show snippet here

15.4.10 Playlist
Rock On – Onra
CMYK – Boss Kite
7am – Shlohmo
Flight_Delay – Ras G & Samiyam
Neon Beams – TakE
TokyoBurning – Deceptikon
triptych – Know-U
Alien Crunk Dub (Audiovoid Remix) – Mochipet
Focus Feat Shamik – Subvert
Out The Club (Digital Exclusive) – Low Limit
Sing What You Want (Rusko’s Skwee Remix) – Rusko, Kotchy
IndoLoops – Deceptikon
Soul_Particles – Take
Where You Been 7.5 – Low Limit
GUH – 48/4
Hurache – Loops Haunt
Sci-Fidelity – Free the Robots
Titans – Slugabed
The Dunk – Bretzel Zoo
Joy Construction – Kuedo
Let Them Sing – Eskmo
Tron (Original mix) – Joker
kamikaze – Dysphemic
Pikku Jouni – Claws Costeau
the town made out of clouds – MusSck
The Bells Sketch – James Blake
westworld – Claws & Fangs
burn em – Monk Fly
Glow – Kuedo
Mental Universe – Free The Robots
ZX81 – DBridge
Spacely Sprocketts – Dibiase
yodazB – Monk Fly
Impact Omnihammer – Loops Haunt
end of the sky – Thallus
Elektricity – AEED
Lazy Day (Preshish Moments Remix) – Mochipet
Loftus 9 – Jenson Brewster
Swift Hovercrafts – Jneiro Jarel
Granite Rock – Free The Robots
Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo – Huu
Cybernator – Pixelord


One Comment on “Future Face – session 8”

  1. mvenables says:

    Loving this one in particular…am into double digits on the Rewind.

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