Future Face – session 9

This weeks show featured some fresh new sonics by Afica Hitech, Starkey, Tokimonsta, the Jahtari label + some local freshies by Amberscape, Sofie Loizou & Dropwise Dubs.

We also expanded the pallete with 2 super interviews by Pince Nod with producers Dizz 1 & Mike Slott. You can download these at http://forcefedfistfuls.podomatic.com/
Lastly this wks pictures come from a rave/ bush festival I played at called Regrowth 2010, big ups to the festival organisers… had a lovely time. The photos series is abstract and starts from me car journey and end with a post performance chill at the chia tent… fun adventures
This weeks show snippet is from the 2nd hr of the show, enjoy!

Download this wks show snippet

22/04/10 Playlist

Space Hopping – Elliot                                                                                                                                                Aching Nodes – Tokimonsta
Shoplifter – Eprom
Bubble – Eprom
Implosions – Take
Listen To Them Fade (feat. Grace) – Robot Koch
Blen – Africa Hitech
Murderous Words feat. Cerebral Vortex – Starkey
HOWILOATHE – Amberscape
Caribbean Nightmare Agent – Suckafish P. Jones (free @ http://www.disboot.net/catalogo/suckafish-releases/)
We Will Destroy Your Planet – Jahtari Riddim Force
Bass Bucket – Dropwise Dubs
Citadel Station – disrupt
Johnny Too Beef – MAx Tannone (free, head to http://www.mosdub.com)
Doing It My Way – Tokimonsta
Dizz1 speaks with Prince Nod – check it at the below address http://forcefedfistfuls.podomatic.com/          Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix) – Mux Mool
Playing With Toys – Tokimonsta
Sittin on the Side (Instrumental) – Heralds Of Change
YodazBrain (Monk Fly remix) – AshTreJinkins
Clef Bassett – Boss Kite
Mike Slott Interview at Sonar 2009 Festival – check it at the below address http://forcefedfistfuls.podomatic.com/
The Sound Of Tomorrow – Africa Hitech
11th Hour – Starkey
Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix) – Reefer
Cloak and Dagger Empire – Suckafish P. Jones
movies – NastyNasty (free, head to http://www.myspace.com/nastynasty)
Standing On Me – Alex B
Jupiter – Free The Robots
Home – Mike Slott
Brad – Ras G & Samiyam
Glaring Lights – Tokimonsta
Millions – Sofie Loizou


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