Future Face – session 11

A super laidback pimpin show this week… featuring tracks of Flying Lotus and Dimlite’s new releases… this weeks downloadable audio is the first hr of the show, oh n I thought u might like a picture of me smoking lamp… Enjoy!

download this week’s show extract…

6/05/10 Playlist
Moi Aussie – Mickey Morphingaz
Discipline09-2 – Ras G
ELEPHANT DUB – Mark Prithchard
Computer Face // Pure Being – Flying Lotus
Triptych – Know-U
WALKON – Dizz1
trip tych re-mix – Monk Fly
Graffiti – Digable Planets
Bypath- Would You Take It – Dj Krush
Philly Extra (Herrmutt Lobby Remix) – B-Ju
Mary Shelly – Salva
Alailoye – Shuanise
Kalimba Deathswamp Kurt Feelings – Dimlite
Rico’s Theme – Electric Spider
Lava – Suburban Dark
Zodiac Shit – Flying Lotus
The Hunted – ElekTro4
testing my patience – Benjamin Kinsman
Travailler – TTC
Godzilla_New_Year_Mimosa rmx – Mochipet
Recoiled – Flying Lotus
HEAVY AS STONE – Mark Pritchard
Do The Astral Plane – Flying Lotus
On The Same Picture w Elan Tamara – Dimlite
Hurache – Loops Haunt
Future Versus – B-Ju
Baggage For Sale (Powell Rmx) – Shuanise
Tokyo To La Steez – Hashim B
Cybernator – Pixelord
Satelllliiiiiteee – Flying Lotus
skweemo – MoR
Smoke It Over – P.U.D.G.E
After Poutine – VLooper
The Warmest Static – Vorad Fils


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