Future Face – session 12

This wk we dropped new bizzness from Room E, Jordan Rockswell, Sub Swara & Bonobo this week… + a swag of super of recently released future beat gems… Picture this wk comes from a recent installation that me missus did, Michelle McCosker, visual artist/ installation artist.

Audio extract this wk is roughly the first hr of the show…ENjoy!

Download here (left click for PC, alt clicky for MAc)

13/05/10 Playlist
Young, Fame and Richous – Richmond Lamarr
Move On – Room E
Comes To Mind (Josip Klobučar Remix) – Teebs & Jackhigh
Kalimba Deathswamp  Kurt Feelings – Dimlite
Kiara – Bonobo
Maximalist – Baths
Wakeupcall – Diaclectic
Balkan Beat Box (Sub Swara Remix) – Sub Swara
La Revedere – Dunkelbunt
Mr Dynomite – Jordan Rockswell
qplay – Autechre
Slowly Does It – Silver Bone Tone
A Home for You – Room E
Zodiac Shit – Flying Lotus
trip tych – Know-U
1000names Kilometer bootleg – 1000 NAMES
Playing With Toys – Tokimonsta
Select/Start – Free The Robots
Melkeveien – Melkeveien Ft. Sagtann
La Moulette Encantée – Wankers United
Wild Colonial – Astronomy Class
The Famous – Beem
Ante Up – Danny Drive Thru
Winter Warfare – Jordan Rockswell
Philly Extra (Herrmutt Lobby Remix) – B-Ju
shoot the beam – eLan
Lazy Day (Preshish Moments Remix) – Mochipet
Boss Worm (Calm as Worm DZA Rework) – Pixelord
Gyration – Jonny Faith
Millie – Ikonika
kamikaze – Dysphemic
Out Of The Hills – Vex’d
Blen (Instrumental) – Africa Hitech
New Dawn – gentle force

One Comment on “Future Face – session 12”

  1. svetlana says:

    big up the josip klobucar ❤

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