Future Face – session 15

A bit late on hosting this one, has been a busy couple of wks…
Plenty of fresh new toonage in this show tho… the mix includes new abstract beats by Monopoly, a few wonky pimpers off the much anticipated Beatnicks Vol 3 out thru Up My Alley and a beautiful cosmic newie from Charles Trees…

The audio download for this session is basically the first half of the show… Enjoy!

Download here

3/06/10  Playlist
01.ntro –  1000 NAMES
TokyoBurning – Deceptikon
Footnotes – James Blake
Roots In Earth (Muladhara) – Monopoly
Komet Kameratene – Inko
eLan & marzio – health master 3000 – eLan
Temple Leak – Vorad Fils
Murked – Alex B
Analysis (DNA) / Fire Passion – Monopoly
Pandora – Mimosa
Turbo Thizz Petnation (Ill Gates Remix) – Mochipet
Mos Def-Quiet Dog (Sub Swara Remix) –  Mos Def & Sub Swara
Street Life  –  Powell
Sunday – Rez
testing my patience – Benjamin Kinsman
The System Crumbles – Monopoly
The Flu Dorian Concept Rmx – JSBL
col_ak_ill – Charles Trees
Zo0o0o0p!!! feat. Oddisee  – Kidkanevil
Lost Bits – Desto
Murderous Words feat. Cerebral Vortex – Starkey
Moon Rocks – The Simonsound
Devonwho – holdup (Hi-res refix) – Hi res
Global Warning – Free The Robots
Roll Upon You Like –  XLII
movies –  NastyNasty
Focus Feat Shamik – Subvert
Where You Been 7.0 – Low Limit
priceless – Lokae
Winter Warfare – Jordan Rockswell
Untitled – Dert Floyd
Ur A Sta DBridge Remix Instrumental – Blackpocket
YodazBrain (Monk Fly remix) – AshTreJinkins
Stmlignemauve – KenLo Craqnuques
The Famous – Beem
Ghetto Freaks – Coco Bryce
Coccospace –  AEED
Kolossseummm – Claws Costeau
Coat of Arms – Nosaj Thing
In the Whirl Emote – Carlos y Gaby

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