Future Face – session 16

This week we took in a guest DJ mix from Elliot, a young DJ / Producer from the Blue Mountains …
Elliot has been wowing me over the last couple months sending us his own productions which are on a super fresh cosmic wonky tip…

This sessions audio download is Elliot’s DJ mix which includes a few of his own stellar productions… Enjoy!

Download here

10/06/10 Full Playlist
4funktown  – 104 Collective
IllUminated man – 1000names
Whats The Use – Lorn
False Flag – Monopoly
Creature – Starkey
Void 1 – Lorn
Greatest Silence  – Lorn
Long Early Morning – 1000names
Calling Planet Earth – Elaquent
skweed pimper – Monk Fly
Try Force (The Future Is Retro) – Elaquent
The Blankout Agreement (Slugabed remix) – KELPE
KXvd(mod) 5-4 –  Elliot
the tone drop bounce – The Frequency Lab forthcoming
Cocoon Part 2 – Spoonbill
1DK6head – 104 Collective
Beltane Jazz – A Cloak Room Assembly
Black Box Matrix Death –  Monopoly
Elliot – Guest DJ SET
James / Elliot
Resonate Glass – James Horsfall
Aria – Jonty Harrison
Sun setting over bird cage – Elliot
Stellar suzie – Afta-1
Radio attack – Prefuse 73
Women having fun (Fudji)- Ake Parmerud
And the world laughs with you – Flying Lotus
Roberta flack – Flying Lotus
Phaser 5-4 – Elliot
Jellyfish – Danny Breaks
Skulltaste – Mux mool
Barrio – Lopez
I know all the B***** – Mr Beatnicks (Bullion remix)
Playing with toys – Tokimonster
All earthly matters – Ras G
Replaced; Displaced Fog, Light Wind – Natasha Barrett
100 miles – Elliot
Dimension x – Powell
Skyfire – Sluga
Bopgunn – Heralds of Change
Fuse – Hudson Mohawke
Purple City / Snake eater – Joker
2222 – Nosaj Thing
Down on the floor – Elliot
Space hopping – Elliot
Hot boxing the cock pit – Shlomo
Sunrise Luminescence – Matthewdavid

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