Future Face – session 17

This week we are stoked by the new Planet Mu release by ITAL TEK  + new biz by HEYOKA & SHLOHMO… the downloadable mix for this wk is taken from the first hr… Enjoy!

Download Audio

17/6/10 Playlist

Negro-Orgen – Cazeaux O.S.L.O.
A Town Called Obsolere – Andreya Triana
Midnight Colour – ITAL TEK
Who’s That? Broooown! (DJ 0.000001 Remix) – Magical Bass/Das Racist
Mourning Would – Heyoka
Bretagne – Lorn
Naps – Shlohmo
Darkhouse Meditation – Darkhouse Family
Breakfast Enthusiast – Mux Mool
Thingiemabob – Heyoka
Mary Anne Hobbs Interview at Sonar Festival 2009 – ForceFed Fistfuls
Solar Power – Elaquent
The Moon Zoop Jam – Slugabed
Bit Crushing – Coco Bryce
Episode VIII – Madlib
Roll Upon You Like – XLII
Slippery – Heyoka
Infinite – ITAL TEK
Stay Blazed – Darkhouse Family
Birthday Beat – Shlohmo
col_ak_ill – Charles Trees
My Mind Is Gone feat Olivier DaySoul – Onra
Episode XIV – Madlib
Stakeout – Madlib
Mary Anne Hobbs at Sonar 2009 PART 2 – ForceFed Fistfuls
Talis – ITAL TEK
Lost Bits – Desto
Smuck – Ikonika
ghlomp – Monk Fly
Club Killer (DJ 0.000001 Remix) – The Flying Skulls ft. Spankrock
Black & White – ITAL TEK
Void 1 – Lorn
Starfox – Kuedo
Black & White – ITAL TEK
Jeeps – Onra
Pocket Calculators – 1000names
burn em – Monk Fly
SPACE VARIATION 5 – A Cloak Room Assembly


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