Future Face – session 18

A super week this week, dropped heaps of new beats including the new Beat BBQ 2010 – Free Tape from record label Up My Alley, new toons from Africa Hitech’s new Warp release, new AEED remixes on Error Broadcast, freshly mastered newies from Jonny Faith & myself Monk Fly (due out in late July on The Frequency Lab) & finally the free and tasty new Oneofour Collective mixtape.
This week’s audio download is the new Oneofour Collective mixtape # 4, for more details and earlier mixtapes visit http://www.oneofour.net/

Download here

24/06/10 Playlist

Naps – Shlohmo
Shifty – DZA
Darkhouse Meditation – Darkhouse Family
Turn Off – Powell
Kloete – Dexter
Shit On You Wie Tauben – Hubert Daviz x Tobrock
Pull Up – Adlib
Yes Beat – Suff Daddy
My Mind Is Gone feat Olivier DaySoul – Onra
ultralofuvkerocto  – Rose Specs
bulleting remix – Jonny Faith
bulleting – Monk Fly
TOO LATE DUB – Africa Hitech
Talis – ITAL TEK
Awakening – KOZWOGRAND
Komet Kameratene – Inko
Lash Out – Africa Hitech
Lost in the toxic jungle – Kinahmi
Neon Arc – ITAL TEK
Giving My Looooove Away Again – moO
Relationships – Black Diamond Kiicks
Error Code (Portformat remix) – AEED
Noises – Heyoka
Mein Atari – Darkhouse Family
Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go to Sleep (Balam Acab Remix) – Pink Priest
104 mixtape # 4 – 104 Collective
Windpipe – Piff Herrera
Eskimo – DZA
Sunday – Rez
Skull Taste – Mux Mool
Bit Crushing – Coco Bryce
Episode XVII – Madlib
One Two – Africa Hitech
Perfect Flashing (feat. Railster) – AEED
ura loose man – Monk Fly
Slippery – Heyoka


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