Future Face – session 20

Quite a fun journey this week – we visited some floaty cosmic beats from Melbourne’s Crumbs (off his new free EP, Pieces & Portions Vol 2), some more glitchy terrain with like likes of Hrdvsion & Heyoka, a new wobbly fresh one from Brisbane’s Rose Specs, the pimping jazzy stylings of Remy LBO and a few post dubstep zones from Dark Sky and Ital Tek…
This wk’s download is the first 1/3 of the show with the ads chopped out, a shorty but an electic fun one (40 and a whistle minutes of fresh new bizness) Enjoy!
8/07/10 Full Playlist
The Boomph – Drapes & Le Boom
speaker milk – CRUMBS
The Boomph – Drapes & Le Boom
My Comet – Onra
Before Than After – Hrdvsion
Buddafly Away – Shape Of Broad Minds
The Clich – Coco Bryce
Beauty Prays – Remy LBO
Dance Scene – Paul White
Mowdery Pildew – Heyoka
Naxaniseka – Tiyiselani Vomaseve
chechachechah – Rose Specs
Mead – Drapes & Le Boom
amsterdam at 4:47 – Hrdvsion
Ghost Notes – Dark Sky
Midnight Colour – ITAL TEK
Buzz Around Town – Shape Of Broad Minds
Merlot Grapes  – Elaquent
1ofus – Slugabed
RIRRR – Dizz1
I’m On (ft VerBs) –  Nocando
Blue Street – Low Density Matter
Lash Out – Africa Hitech
Woo Boost – Rusko
Little Bits – Benga
Tazer – J Beatz
Broken Glass – Amen Ra  Double Helix
Disjointed –  Remy LBO
crouching otter stance – CRUMBS
Warm_Ruin  – Take
Page Turner – Remy LBO
Skattles – Week 2 – Illingsworth
With Tsunami – Brokenchord
Wax Rose Saturday – Mux Mool
Infinite – ITAL TEK
Changes – Shape Of Broad Minds
Duck Bliss – Guy Brown
Recoiled – Flying Lotus
Oy – Rusko
Starry Eyes (Zarkov Remix) – Spit Syndicate
Come You Can Go (Instrumental) – Quadron

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