Future Face – session 21

This wk fresh beats from Australian beatsmiths Opiuo, Jonny Faith, Westernsynthetics, Studio Tann, MoR & meself (Monk Fly)… on an international tip, new beats from NicoLuminous, Computer Jay, James Pants & the soulful wonky stylings of Electric Wire Hustle…
The audio extract this wk is pretty much the first hr of the show with the ads chopped out… Enjoy!

Download show excerpt here

15/07/10 Playlist

Balloon Force (Cleptoclectics remix)
Turn Off – Powell
Winter Warfare – Jordan Rockswell
Thundering plants – Elliot
Bass Bizzle – NicoLuminous
Third Rail – Audiovoid
My Best Friends Wedding – Jenson Brewster
Bulleting (Jonny Faith remix) – Monk Fly
Bulleting  –  Monk Fly
Robo Booty – Opiuo
Bam – Sharps
Ultra Sound – Studio Tann
Hvrkraft (Computer Jays Computation) – Blu Jemz
Driftwood – James Pants
Android Swagger – Elaquent
Girl –  Onra
An English Walk (Suburban Dark Remix) – Monk Fly
Ur A Sta DBridge Remix Instrumental – Blackpocket
Waters – Electric Wire Hustle
testing my patience – Benjamin Kinsman
watson st – MoR
Sinewaves For Mermiads – NicoLuminous
Witchdokta  – Moving Ninja
Ghost Notes – Dark Sky
Orchestral Lab – Guido
Summertime in Oakland – Siren
BOINGY – Africa Hitech
Subgiant – ITAL TEK
CaveDwellers – AshTreJinkins
GUH – 48/4
Alpenglow_0 – Tokimonsta, Lunice, and Swede:art
Succession – Remy LBO
Marshen Signals – Paul White
Bretagne – Lorn
herewego – Samples
Traffic Lights (Bonus Track) – Hubert Daviz
Longtime Instrumental – Electric Wire Hustle
The Machine ft Charles Smith – Westernsynthetics


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