Future Face – session 26

Fresh music this wk from new LA beat label Proximal Records, crazy abstract up beats from Coco Bryce & cohorts on the recent MYOR releases, fresh toons from Jozz Scott and John Hassell from the 104 Collective & wet glitchy bizness from new Omelette Records signing Editor.

This weeks audio download comes from the first hr of the show… Enjoy the mix!

Click here to download 50min show extract
12/08/10 Full Playlist
Glue Stick – Shlohmo
Trunk – Owen Vallis
Saint Michaels Lane – John Hassell
Set Sail (Monk Fly remix) – Idea Idea
Here you Are – Slugabed
Hyperjourney’s (master) – Powell
The Last Ninja – Editor
A(nother) Day at the Carnival (Sahy Uhns’ Cosmic Songbird Remix) – Dâm-Funk
Ready to Rock РNi̱o
Bars & Twists – J Dilla
Moon Shoes – SamiYam
Empress – Drapes & Le Boom
inkhorn – CRUMBS
Broke – Huess
Icci Occi Acci – Coco Bryce
Long Early Morning – 1000names
Bulleting (Jonny Faith remix) – Monk Fly
Untitled – Dert Floyd
Mastered System – Elaquent
Gnome_Patrol – Jozz Scott
CGI Production – Editor
Army of Fear – Lorn
Catfish – Spoonbill
Wandering Star/Coat of Arms (Nosaj Thing Remix) – Portishead
megasoid 10.8.10 c
skwee pimper 9.8.10 B
smokinbarrel – Samples
Retold  Endless – Anenon
USD – Blue Daisy Vs TOKiMONSTA
Eternitiez – Comfort Fit
Cheesecake Backslap – SamiYam
Risky Rutabaga – Ill-esha
Komet Kameratene – Inko
The Deep Blue – Sun In Aquarius
Basta Ya Todos Somos Inmigrantes – El Remolon
Orchestral Lab – Guido
Said Speed TAPE – Africa Hitech
Black & White – ITAL TEK
Negro-Orgen – Cazeaux O.S.L.O.
Insensitivity – P.U.D.G.E
The Brackets Bungle – Monk Fly

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