Future Face – Session 29

A diverse show this wk with new music covering floaty cosmic beats, wonky funk pimpers, glitchy bangas and a few dubstep joints…
New toons in the mix from Arp.101, Depakote, The Blessings, Starkey, Flying Lotus & Vent (just to name a few)… plus a mini focus on the new Mux Mool remixes & forthcoming Sydney based Free The Beats compilation.

Download here

Playlist 2/09/10
Ibaseta – The Blessings
Lilykoranic – Depakote
Blak Lodge – Jules Chaz
Error Code (Ichiro_ remix) – AEED
Particle Pluto – Kid Fiction
Brainwaves (Samiyam x Lorn) – Lorn
Valley Girls – Mux Mool
Lady Linda (Devonwho Edit) – Mux Mool
Mr Chippy – Flying Lotus
The Stone Away From Home – Roleo
Video Gamez – Ears
Warriors Galactic – Arp.101
Ibaseta – The Blessings
Window (Danimals Remix) – PVT
Lunatics – VENT
Poe Pa Doe – The Real Estate Agents
The Longest Night – Mashy P
International Profile – Ana Sia
Valley Girls – Mux Mool
Shouldn’t Be Here – Ikonika
Naughty Step – Shortstuff
Gasping for Air in this Vortex – Starkey
Narnia – The Nasha Experience
Cake$ – 48/4
Geronimo – Tim Massive
Creation of a new world – MusSck
None An Island (Radio Edit) – Lorn
Voodoo Love – Ana Sia & ill.gates
set sail (BFG remix) – BFG
Chloe Sevigny – Depakote
gutter mess – Oh Well
Skulltatse (Free The Robots Remix) – Mux Mool
Morning Strut (Shigeto Remix) – Mux Mool
Dead Leaf – Arp.101
Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix) – Mux Mool
in a new way – Psykeone
To: Love. – Ahu
Select/Start – Free The Robots
Squid – Datalove
Reeces Pieces – VENT
Decay In Daisys Instrumental – The Realist
Window (Dorian Concept Remix) – PVT
Animamal – The Real Estate Agents
Dubby Don’t Dallas – Rose Specs feat. Clef Dark

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