Future Face – Session 31

This wk on Future Face we threw into the mix the stellar new Elroy 4.0 release from Ender Beats (Brisbane/ Australia), the new Come On Lets Go from Svetlana Industries, tasty new bizness from Rush Hour / Beat Dimensions new stuff, OL’s new release on Error Broadcast and associated toonage from artists on the RAD collective… and that’s just the tip of the icey berg.
This wks downloadable excerpt from the show comes from the 2nd half of the show, Enjoy!
Download here
30/09/10 Playlist
Be True (Burial Remix) – Commix
Siblings – Eskmo
Cake$ – 48/4
Set Sail (Monk Fly remix) – Idea Idea
Two and a half spoons of sugar please – Josip Klobučar
Cadeting – Mike Slott
Boss Master Battle (Original Mix) – Elroy 4.0
Roket Loop ’94 – 1000names
My Whole Life – Teebs
Dance of the Philistines – Westernsynthetics
Flow Goggles – Sugarpill
Blurred Photographs – Polyklinik
Reign Dancing With The Stars – P.U.D.G.E.
Babel Fish – Tiago
Boss Master Battle (Puzahki Remix) – Elroy 4.0 (DOWNLOAD starts from here)
5th Titan – Parallel Concept & KOCMOC
Synesthesia – Miracle Libido
Snapshots On A Sunday Night – Swedeart
Turbines – Jackhigh
Starhaven – Demokracy
Minus 613 – OL
worldy wonk – Monk Fly
Crazy Alien – Ras G
The Caliph’s Tea Party(Broadcast & The Focus Group “DedNd” Remix)-Gonjasufi
Dro on the D-Lo – Alex B
Clay – Flying Lotus
Phantom Power – Dibiase
Soularp Suite Pt. 2 – Erik L
4 Untitled 4 – Teebs
brackets remix – Monk Fly
Thing Ten – Antstar
Fourplay remix – Monk Fly sketch
How Ruff Is The Organ – Miqi O.
Purpur Way – 813
You Ain’t It (Lazer Sword Remix) – Themselves
Reeces Pieces – VENT
Free Dem – TOKIMONSTA vs Blue Daisy
SuzieQ (Dem Hunger Bowel Blood Remix) – Gonjasufi
Arthur’s Birds – Teebs
Cha Cha – Mulatu Astatke
Oo Aa Ee VIP – TRC
Saint Michaels Lane – John Hassell

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