Future Face – Session 32

Plenty of great new music this wk… including floaty biz from oOoOO, James Blake, bumpin’ biz from Room E and the new Friends Of Friends label collab between Mexicans With Guns & Robot Koch, plus abstract new toonage from Jneiro Jarel & skwee madness from the new Dodpop release & Boss Kite’s new mixtape…

This wk’s show except comes from the first hr… Enjoy!

Download here!

7/10/10 Playlist

Mumbai – oOoOO
Freudian Slip – Roleo
Trash (XLII RMX) – Audace
Obsidian – Mexicans With Guns & Robot Koch
Workers Dub (feat. Werd2Jah) – Westernsynthetics
Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta Remix) – Take
Sky Raper – Comfort Fit
Particle Pluto – Kid Fiction
Footwurk Homicide – DJ Nate
beat1 – Lord Boyd
Come Back (Lorn Remix) – Eskmo
Double Fifths – Teebs
Fruit Lick – Electric Sea Spider
Ready to Rock РNi̱o
Boss Master Battle (Puzahki Remix) – Elroy 4.0
Great Weakness – Room E
Voice Of The Kayapo – Jneiro Jarel
10 bricks master – Cleptoclectics
Cradle – Om Unit
Bad Mood Day – Room E
Snare Wars (KenLo Craqnuques Remelange) – Comfort Fit                                     Thing Ten – Antstar
Soularp Suite Pt. 2 – Erik L
Manka – Beem
Boss Kite – Boss Skweee Mix for Frontroom Podcast                                                     Negro Cookies – Marcus Price
Isla mopho bic – Daniel Savio
Gnome_Patrol – Jozz Scott
Amazonica – Jneiro Jarel
Dynamicize – Nocow
Bird Charm – Jneiro Jarel
Myth – Roska & Untold
Dubwreck – Dibiase
Klavierwerke – James Blake
Obsidian (Mux Mool Remix) – Mexicans With Guns & Robot Koch


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