Future Face – Session 33

Amazing show this wk with new bizness from Kelpe (Team Acre), The Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder), Rustie (Warp), Maximillion Dunbar (Ramp) and much more…
This weeks audio / download comes from the first hour of the show… Enjoy!Ps. If you get bumped off the mailing list, apologies, it is not intentional… just a bug in the mailing list software I guess… just revisit the blog and rejoin mailing list if you stop receiving these emails and wish to receive em…

Download here!

Playlist 14/10/10
Original Soundtrack Flutes – Maxmillion Dunbar
Taps On – Kelpe
Carpool Dummy (feat. Mophono) – The Gaslamp Killer
Cascade – OL
Everyone Alive Wants Answers – Teebs
Castaju Cajunea – Jneiro Jarel
a generation’s anthem – Digi G’Alessio
Puzzled – Randomer
Escaping Gravity – Megatroid
a shadow’s caress – galapagoose
Boss – Ginz
Dragonfly – RUSTIe
XX – Numan
Don’t Let Me Go – Mala
Moving Glowstream – Eskmo
Pancake Head – Lewis B
Way Down – Maxmillion Dunbar
April Showers (Shlohmo Remix) – Jed and Lucia
90909 – Westernsynthetics
Hunters – Donso
Neko – RUSTIe
See Birds – Balam Acab
I Only Know (What I Know Now)- James Blake
Captcha – Lord Boyd
Chew –  RUSTIe
Jurassic Notion/M Theory – Flying Lotus
Disappear – Statz
Eternia – Dibiase
Nite Moves – Black Diamond Kicks
Descendant – Room E
Fun Over 100 – The Gaslamp Killer
Face Without Sense – OL
5 Strange Days – Daedelus
midnight sun – galapagoose
Sexual Healing – DJ Nate
01 01 beat9(1) – Lord Boyd
Streetism Vol 2 MASHUP – Monk Fly
Caterpillar Roll – Room E
Toy Castle – Kelpe
lost & Confused (LSDMT) – Westernsynthetics
Dabuwe – Jneiro Jarel


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