Future Face – Session 35

New music this week includes the pimpin Glamoure EP by Fulgeance (Musique Large), the loose soulful jazzy stylings of beatsmith Remy LBO’s new work Umpqua Fire, plus new beats by NZ producer Shanalog and a new producer (at least to me) called Insightful. This wk’s downloadable excerpt comes from the first hour of the show. Enjoy! PS the picture this wk is from a bush party I played a while back, the picture is there to remind me and you to get out of the city every now and then… Bless!

Download here

28/10/10 Playlist
Tumbleweed – Electric Sea Spider
Arthur’s Birds – Teebs
Be True (Burial Remix) – Commix
Tune In (ft Roots Manuva) – The Bug
Snow Bird – Remy LBO
Goodnight Liquid – OL
Plastic Arms – Insightful
Analove – Fulgeance
Creative Slice – Josip Klobucar & Yoggyone
Token – Roleo
Summer Bonus – Monk Fly
Torpedo – Room E
Death Star Droid (fLako Remix) – Robot Koch
Kalimba Bounce – Shanalog.Beats
Starhaven – Demokracy
I Luv U (Huess Remix) – Fulgeance
Indigo Eden – Jneiro Jarel
Big Wheeler – Professor Ojo
Funny Like My Master – InsightfulDrone – Remy LBO
brackets remix – monk fly
Negro Cookies – Marcus Price
These Cold Nights – Shanalog.Beats
ANDROIDporn – Si Beggs
Set Sail (Jonny Faith remix) – Idea Idea
Set Sail (Digi G’Alessio) – Idea Idea
Megasoid Returns – Monk Fly
Circus Girls Gone Wild – Natan
Take It To The Streets (Kalifornia Kurt Remix)- JR&PH7
Jokeboxxx – YoggyOne
I Think I’m Dead – Insightful
Blackpanther  –  Electric Sea Spider
Midnite – Remy LBO
Babel Fish – Tiago
PieFace – Flying Lotus
Dusty Lungz – Dibiase
Margins – Kelpe
Poison Dart (Scratcha DVA remix) – The Bug
Don’t Let Me Go – Mala
Set Sail (Monk Fly remix) – Idea Idea


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