Future Face – Session 36

This wk in prep for me launch party for my new EP Streetisms Vol. 2 (The Frequency Lab), we got busy with a live set in the last hr. In the first hr we dropped some amazing new beat bizness from Lazer Sword, Digi G’Alessio & Nosaj Thing just to mention a few. This wk’s download comes from that first hr. Enjoy! PS the above picture is of a fat old studio called Megaphon in Sydney, pics courtesy of a session Jonny Faith n I had in there recently… Fun sticks!

( (( Download here )) )

4/11/10 Playlist
Bongo Combat – Shanalog
Blue Sky on Mars – Jonny Faith
Mbira Spirit – Juj
My Marradonna Holiday – Cazeaux O.S.L.O.
Not another monica – Elliot
I’m Gone Feat. Turf Talk – Lazer Sword
Taps On – Kelpe
Troubles – Yoggyone
Pair Of Stars – Insightful
Killer (MoR remix) – Brackets Band
Fog (Jamies xx Remix) – Nosaj Thing
Particle Bounce – Cleptoclectics
Blood Bank – Seekae
Trip tych – Know-U
Cotton Comes To Bestown – Miqi O.
Coke Bugs – Electric Sea Spider
Westworld – Claws & Fangs
Antani Anthem – Digi G’Alessio
Workers Dub (feat. Werd2Jah) – Westernsynthetics
Monk Fly live set!


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