Future Face – Session 37

In this Future Face session we have some super new beat releases by northern hemisphere maestros Stephen Farris, Montgomery Clunk, Shigeto & Ghust Mutt. From the southern hemisphere we dropped loads from the new Free The Beats Vol. 2 Comp, Limetipes cracking new free EP, plus we look into the future and take a peek at some tracks from forthcoming releases by Jonny Faith & Elliot.
This sessions picture comes from a friends clubnight, just as doors opened and the place got jammed… This sessions audio download comes from the first hr of the show, Enjoys!

Download audio here

11/11/10 Playlist
Together – Stephen Farris
limslip3 – Limetipe
Faze Two – Jonny Faith
Asspirations – Montgomery Clunk
2 Thundering Plants – Elliot
Insomnia (Sunrise) – Juj
Murder! – Montgomery Clunk  So So Lovely – Shigeto
jitterthing – Ears
metk – Verbaleyes
treedollarbaaav – Tim Massif
Quest (Low Limit Remix) – Nosaj Thing
Pie Face (My Dry Wet Mess Remix) – Flying Lotus
Donky Stomp – Slugabed
Box Funk Filery – Rose Specs
the leafy walk 2 – Limetipe
megasoid returns – Monk Fly
island dreams – Samy Saga
chasm – Chasm
Chord – Lukid
Mushrooms – Digi G’Alessio
Snow Bird – Remy LBO
nothing wrong proper 2 – Limetipe
heavy rain – Rotes
Sink the Clunkmobile – Montgomery Clunk
Alphabet Soup – Stephen Farris
Don’t Hate on Tech Decks 1.2 – Juj
Headlights – Stephen Farris
Vagabond Knowledge – Sub Swara
Dance of the Philistines – Westernsynthetics
Coat of Arms (Daedelus Remix) – Nosaj Thing
01 Batman – Lazer Sword
Wortha’s Greens – Cazeaux O.S.L.O.
Padwriter – YoggyOne
Ann Arbor Part 1 – Shigeto
Azeemo – Jonny Faith
Platinum Skull – Ghost Mutt
Thoroughbred – Ghost Mutt


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