Future Face – Session 41

Session 40 was a bit of a bum cause turntables at radio weren’t workin proper, thus no post, but this session was a fun one… I was a bit poor for new toonage so dived into a swag of me favourites from the last month, plus got sent a bunch of local (OZ) exclusive toons not out yet. Usually I snip out the ads of the first hr of the show  n post it for download, but in last wks show the 2nd hr was particularly loose n fun… thus the 2nd hr is up for download this wk, hope u enjoy the mix! Fresh future leaning beats as per usual…

Download here

9/12/10 Playlist

10 – Missing in Cologne (ft Larry Mizell) 2 – sofie loizou
college for dogs – Groundislava
Ann Arbor Part 2 – Shigeto
Network Effect – Planes
Crimson Ride (Dizz1 Remix) – Jonny Faith
Together – Stephen Farris
The Last Astronaut – Robot Koch vs fLako
Get In My Life – Hermitude
Deadhead – Demokracy
when a motorist marrys a cyclist – MoR
The Moon Comes Closer – Comfort Fit & Jinna Morocha
Heat – Montgomery Clunk
Pulso –  Dubbel Dutch
Anaconda – Untold
Way Of Wind – Moa Pillar
Quencht – Puzzle
Keith No More – Digi G’Alessio
The First Night Of Winter – Shanalog.Beats
Robot Hands (Eygptrixx Remix) – Starkey
International Fires –  Shackleton
7. SpaceAttack (Lakritze Battleship Remix) – Doshy
Chew – RUSTIe
SSB – Beautiful Bells
snake in my dreams – Limetipe (audio download snippet starts here)
Donky Stomp –  Slugabed
Henry Dorsett Case – Arktor
Chocolate Money (Huess Remix) – Kelpe
KVxd(mod)5-4 – Elliot
Goldfishing (Coco Bryce Remix) – Kelpe
Ashtro – letherette
Drunken Master  (Swede:art?s Mind Gone Remix) – KidKANEVIL
My Island – Professor Ojo
Ghost Hunter – EPROM
Cartridge Kings – Hermitude
Dubbadubba – Alex Fox
The Submariner –  Jonny Faith
Analove – Fulgeance
Insomnia pt.1 – Juj    Lego – Lukid
Crayons – Electric Sea Spider
Precaution –  Remy LBO
Cup of Joy – 1000names


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