Future Face – Session 42

In this weeks Session we had new fat tasties from Illum Sphere, DZA / Dizz 1, the Ender Beats label and that’s just the tip of it…

The downloadable mix from this post comes from the first hour of the show with the ads and a bit of the chatter chopped out… Much beats, love n peace to u all over the Christmas period…

Download here

16/12/10 Playlist
One For Dimlite – Illum Sphere
Elephant Shoe (Cleptoclectics Remix) – Underlapper
They Move At Night – Dufrayne
Bliss – Elroy 4.0
Cold Fire 23-12-09 – Mastered – Know-U
Magic Drops – Jam City
Bullseye (Instrumental) – DZA ft. Non & Mujuice
Diablo Day Out – Illum Sphere
Slurpee – Blunt Instrument
Bullseye (Dizz1 Remix) – DZA ft. Non & Mujuice
Jungle Juke – Tha Pope
Teknitian – DJ Rashad
Supercharged – Illum Sphere
good 4 nuffin blues – Monk Fly
The Shaman’s Chilled Why Aren’t You? – Elliptica
Track 03 – Starkey
Still Razasharp – Epoch
An Old Escape (Kill Them Kill) – Illum Sphere
Earringer – The Clonious
Reverse Anthology – Puzahki
beat6 redo2 – Lord Boydd
CMYK rmx2 (Mor Remix) – Boss Kite
300 – Sensational meets Koyxen
417 – Sensational meets Koyxen
Hent Cilios – Elliptica
Under The Sun – Science Project
Magic Beans – Slamagotchi
Ignition Teezer – Zo aka La chauve-souris
Sole Intention – Planes
Cup of Joy – 1000names
Trooper- Demokracy
Chocolate Money (Huess Remix) – Kelpe
3rd Mirror – Portformat
dreams of men pt 2 – Elliot
Beautiful Day – 8Man & Hope One
Pulso – Dubbel Dutch
Anaconda – Untold
Dystopia – Fevrier


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