Future Face – Session 44

Merry Beatmas & a Happy New Beats to you!

Rather than post a snippet of the show this week, i thought I’d style it more generously and throw up a bunch of links to fine free beats and free mixtapes that I’ve been enjoying this year.

2010 was a superb year not only for future leaning beats, but also for free beat tapes & mixtapes. Across the globe we saw new beat artists, collectives, blogs and labels generously making available for free download loads of quality free beats and mixtapes. It has become not only an appreciated act of generosity but also a fine way for up and comers to get their bizness out there.

The below list is just a small list of some of my favourites that come to mind

104 Collective – Sydney based future leaning mixtape series

Ender Beats – Brisbane label with a fine free Christmas beat tape

Free The Beats – Sydney initiative that releases free compilations of great Australian beatsmiths of a variety of beat genres

WeDidItCollective – free beat tapes (in the right hand column by a bunch of great LA artists)

Error Broadcast – a forward thinking Russian label with a mix of free and not free releases

Lowriders Collective – a great blog with loads of mixtapes from a fine calibre of beat artists

Hip Drop – a NZ label, check this free beat tape of NZ crew, pretty tasty, just put zero in for the minimum payment & download.

XLRX blog – weekly selections of free promo mp3s of new and forthcoming releases

Finest Ego blog – more Russian beat biz, check out the V/A Re-Jumbled free beat tape, has a bunch of amazing new European artists on there.



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