Future Face – Session 45

This session of Future Face (Jan 6) me olde partner in crime Jonny Faith (seen above @ Megaphon Studios) came in for a spin. We were supporting Flying Lotus, GLK & Dam Funk the night after so thought we should brush off the cobwebs as we hadn’t done a back to back DJ set for a while… lots of newies and oldies in this particular session… On the new tip we dropped alot of freshies from Jonny Faith’s forthcoming Blue Sky On Mars (Civil Music, release date 31.1.11)

This sessions downloadable mix comes from the second half of the show, Enjoy!

Download here

Full Tracklisting:

One For Dimlite – Illum Sphere
Elephant Shoe (Cleptoclectics Remix) – Underlaper
Indian Care (Moa Pillar remix) – PLANET SOAP
Three Mountains feat. chocolate girl – Fancy Mike
Slowburn – Photek
Saturns Reply – Jamie Vexd
Skullcrack – Dibiase
Solstice – Jonny Faith
Stay_Blazed – Darkhouse Family
Neon Beams – Take
Wind Loop – Teebs
100 – AD Bourke
Loftus 9 – Jenson Brewster
7 (Ital Tek Remix) – Jonny Faith
Skulltaste – Mux Mool
Greatest Silence – Lorn
Funkzilla – Jonny Faith
Magic Beans – Slamagotchi (downloadable mix starts from here)
417 – Sensational meets Koyxen
KVxd(mod)5-4 – Elliot
1685 Bach – Nosaj Thing
Kiara – Bonobo
The Submariner – Jonny Faith
Milk Bar – Electric Sea Spider
Triptych – Know-U
ALIVE – Tokimonsta
Sole Intention – Planes
Snow Birds – Mike Slott
The Makings – House Shoes
Soul Stew – Leonard Dstroy
Are You The One – Bullion
You – Gold Panda
Chocolate Money (Huess Remix) – Kelpe
Asspirations – Montgomery Clunk
Diablo Day Out – Illum Sphere
Ann Arbor Part 2 – Shigeto
AlexKid98 (Damscray remix) – PLANET SOAP
Blue Sky on MArs – Jonny Faith
Faze two – Jonny Faith


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    Thank you!

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