Future Face – Session 46

In this session (apologies a bit of a late post, been busy as per usual) we dropped lots of great toonage from AOI’s super new beat tape (grab it here for free), Fancy Mike’s & Alphabets Heaven’s hot new releases both on King Deluxe, some of the far out tracks off Jumble and Fuselab’s new compilation (grab it for free here), some new pimpin blap bizness from Lunice out through Lucky Me & that’s just the tip of it. Check the playlist below and enjoy the downloadable mix!

Download 1st half of show here

13/01/11 Playlist

Squuaares – Alphabets Heaven
betamax tape dream – Aoi
333EP1 – 3:33
Space Interlude – Hypercube
Wake Ups – Salva
Hipster Crack – Fancy Mike
undercurrent – Aoi
Soaring Falcon – Moa Pillar
Hip Pop – Lunice
Distant Field – Lupid Ocampo
Black Clouds – Figub Brazlevič aka Naturtalent(beatz)
Pointing_Fingers – Mike Slott
Blue Garden – Alphabets Heaven
Purp Walk – Lunice
Quantasy (Scotchi Montage) – Pavan
Secret Monog (Baconhead Remix) – Cex
wise bit – galapagoose
The Awful Dynne – fLako
Devil – Alphabets Heaven
We Must Hunt Under The Wreckage Of Many Systems – Raime
For Eddie – Clear Blue
Thank You All The Time Forever – Dorian Concept
Jollyrancherz – AshTreJinkins
Starve The Ego Feed The Soul (Sub Swara Remix) – The Glitch Mob
Paper Kites – exillon
Bright Wave – a.d.l.r.
Toe Games Made Her Giggle – Dorian Concept
Sometimes I Get Down (Mike Slott remix) – Kotchy
Laaazerrrs – Alphabets Heaven
Mickey Mouse feat. Raw Stiles – Fancy Mike
Fade Away – Yoggyone
Left Hand Scissors – Miracle Libido
escape hatch – Aoi
Ivy League Smack feat. DAM!BEER – Fancy Mike
Cockfighting – Slow
Escapizm – Infinite Potentials
MBFW (Monk Fly remix) – Jenson Brewster
Blue Garden – Alphabets Heaven
The RAah Project – Space Between Thoughts (Ennio Styles & Spray Tandoori Remix)
Space Invaders – Monk Fly ft Jitwan (instr)
Cavern – Channels


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