Future Face – Session 48

In this diverse session of Future Face radio we dropped some new jazzy laid back bizness from Evenings, Pazes and Austin Peralta (new signing to Brainfeeder), then we slowly worked up into some freshies by Dibiase (new free beat tape online), local lad Megatroid (new EP thru tapedeath.com), Analogik’s gypsy beats (Urban World Records) and some mad beats off the forthcoming appropriately titled Mad-Hop Vol. 1 (http://mad-hop.com/).

That’s just a selection of what we played, checked the playlist below. The downloadable mix this week comes from the first hour of the show… Enjoy!

Download here

10/2/11 Playlist

Introduction: The Lotus Flower – Austin Peralta
Babe – Evenings
Pocket Calculator ( Lynx & Hellrazor Remix) – 1000names
Etacarinae – Pazes
Sundog – Peon
Everyone Alive Wants Answers – Teebs
Big Blue – Fulgeance
Blue Garden – Alphabets Heaven
Vagabond – Kilter
Learning To Be Alive – Megatroid
Saltefanden (Debruit Remix) – Analogik
Sacrificial – Shigeto
Acid – Arp 101
Anyone Else Disturbed – B&Q
Goodbye Forever – Evenings
The Moon Comes CLoser – Comfort Fit & Jinna Morocha
Cowboy Song – Analogik
Robot Hands (Eygptrixx Remix)
3ws – Doshy
Thrust – Virtual Boy
Unknown Untitled – Elliot
Wake Ups – Salva
Juump – Naive Machine
Lapetus Is A Wasteland – Megatroid
Fly Me 2 The Moon – Dibiase
Eastern Sham – Filtercutter
Babe – Evenings
Miqi O (Monk Fly remix)
Mad Hop Vol. 1 mixtape


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