Future Face – Session 49

In this weeks Future Face session we dropped new stunning beats from Japanese producer Audace, Coco Bryce (new release through Fremdtunes), Aardvarck & Kubus’ new collab on Eat Concrete, Dream Kit’s new EP Future Tense, exclusive biz from forthcoming YoggyOne releases & the forthcoming Free The Beats Vol. 3 compilation (launch party this Sunday 7pm @ Tone (for Sydney readers)). That’s just the tip of a very fancy iceburg, the full playlist is below, as is this week’s download which comes from the first half of the show. Enjoy!

Download this week’s mix here

17/02/11 Playlist
Just close – Minoo
loverobe – Ki Mono
Dub Rap – Coco Bryce featuring DJ Mace
Called Understandable Souls – On Up (YoggyOne remix)                                                 Dune Year – Dream Kit
Ejerct – Mane Mane Spees – Aardvarck
Be Human Part One – Mophono
Wobble Trouble – Coco Bryce
Eleven Twelve (Galapagoose’ Ghost Rumble) – Dream Kit
(EYE)HerLevel – GETEYE
Rollover – Polyklinik
The Longest Night – Mashy P
Cartoon Friend (AshTreJinkins Global Oreo Remix) – Pixelord
Dreamin’ – Kixnare
Madness – Oh No
sun setting over bird cage – Elliot
Eleven Twelve – Dream Kit
Himym – YoggyOne
miqi o (monk fly remix)
Korg-A-Tron – arp.101
Blast Off – Audace
Greatest Silence – Lorn
slow phenom – benjamin kinsman
bus trip – Ears
Boesoek – Coco Bryce
neon beams (YoggyOne remix) – Take
Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Remix) – Adelle                                                                  DaDa!_Master of Ribongia – MoR
Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix) – Falty DL
I Never Learnt to Share – James Blake
In Principle – Kubus
Zonder Baan – Kubus
Blood Music (original mix) – Illum Sphere
Chinese Hustle – Mars Sunset
Saltefanden – Analogik
my boss is a groover ft Shane Fahey – Monk Fly


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