Future Face – Session 50

This week on Future Face we had the joy of interviewing Lorn (Brainfeeder) before his stunning hard and dark Sydney show… he was a surprisingly well spoken gentleman, the interview is below for your listening/ downloading pleasure.

As per usual we also dropped plenty of fresh beats from new releases such as the Coco Bryce release through Lowriders Recordings, the new Take remix album through Alpha Pup and the new Reso EP out through Civil Music, full tracklisting is below.

Download Lorn interview here

24/02/11 Playlist

Incredibright (Anenon Remix) – Take
Text Tokyo – The Empireal Formula
Imaginist – Space Invadas
Dis Cam Belie – Coco Bryce
Future 3.9 – Roleo
Whats The Use – Lorn
Sandbox (Instrumental) – Late Bloomers
Scweinenblut – Kubus
War Machine – Reso
my boss is a groover – Monk Fly                                                                                             Squonk – Dream Kit
Don’t Look Now (Alex B Remix) – Take
Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix) – Take
Your Dreams – Audace
Lorn Future Face interview                                                                                                               Never Enough – Lorn
Quarter to Six – Slamagotchi / Kilter
Paper Garden (Low Limit Remix) – Take
Upp – Butcher Bear
Implosions (Shigeto Remix) – Take
Phat Si – Cooly G
Myth – Roska & Untold
Deadman – Shackleton
Sticks – seiji
Supercalifraglistic – Coco Bryce
Supercalifraglistic (1000names Remix) – Coco Bryce
westworld – Claws & Fangs
3ws – Doshy
Expansion Ratio – Reso
Precession – Mexicans with Guns
Lindisfarne II – James Blake


One Comment on “Future Face – Session 50”

  1. Dion says:

    YO what you didn’t go with your Missus to tha movies!! damn son

    p.s monk fly dope mix as per usual,

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