Future Face – Session 51

In this session of Future Face we dropped heaps of super beats from the new Finest Ego release, a compilation featuring New Zealand and Australian Beatmakers (grab it here). On an Australian tip, we also dropped the new single from Elliot out through The Frequency Lab (grab that here), full album due March 14. Outside of NZ & OZ, we dropped Demokracy’s new release through Robox Neotech, featuring remix duties by Montgomery Clunk, Bass Science and Dies Irae, we also got a bit glitchy with Audiovoid’s new Muti Music release and got colourfully skwee’d with Dodpop’s new compilation Dodpop A’s and B’s. That’s just a few of the highlights, full tracklisting below.

Download this sessions show extract here

3/03/11 Playlist

Elephant Curtains – Palamino
Beep – Mike Kay
Slow Embrace – Ben Houghton
The Dentist – Roleo
Freedomcry – Isaac Aesili
Shades of Summer – Galapagoose
Before I Move Off – Mount Kimbie
Flodder (Original) – Audiovoid
Vagabond – Kilter
Mandag – Melkeveien vs. Niño
Sun setting over bird cage part 2 – Elliot
Fly Or Die – Lewis McCallum
Down Town Funk – D:UNK
Romatropo – Sprutbass
Out In The Streets – Africa Hitech
Jungle Juke – Tha Pope
Young King Trash – Electric Sea Spider
TRAVELS – Coleman
Cosmic Love – Panorama
It’s Too Late (Original) – Audiovoid
Wintermute (Bass Science Remix – Demokracy
Helter Skelter – Kahn
Supercalifraglistic (1000names Remix) – Coco Bryce
Spacedust – Adi Dick
Like We Used To – Kahn
KVxd(mod) 5-4 – Elliot
Pause (Clean) – Jay Dee
Gutter Fonk – Ben Jamin w/ Matt Miller
Hjembrentfunk – Beatbully
bus trip – Ears
Paper Garden (Low Limit Remix) – Take
Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix) – Take
Wind Loop – Teebs
Archipelago – Teebs
Quartz For Amber (Leonard Dstroy Remix Feat. Reggie B.) – Take


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