Future Face – Session 52

Plenty of great new beats out this week including local lad Elliot’s debut Found Sounds (The Frequency Lab)… Elliot giving us a wonderful journey of a mix that we dropped in the second half of the show (grab that here)…
Plus also this week on Future Face we dropped super new toonage including slicky soundscape blap beats by iL (forthcoming on Errorbroadcast), floaty abstract garage by Melbourne lad Galapagoose, abstract dubstep by Moa Pillar (Gimme 5 Music), new skwee beats from Beatbully (DodPop), the new Museum Of Future Sounds from Skwee label Flogsta Danshall, Aleph’s new beats on King Deluxe + a sneaky peak at All City’s forthcoming final installment of it’s LA series ft Exile and Free The Robots…and that’s not all, playlist below

Download here

17/03/11 Playlist

Conductors  –   iL
milkwood (w panorama)  –   galapagoose
Shift   – Gumar
The Manifesto  –  Boss Kite
Lake Mystery  – Moa Pillar
WITH_THE_DRUM   –  Free The Robots
International  – matthewdavid
Coke N Guns   –  Culp
Circuits Circuits  –  Citymouth
DESTROY  –  Free The Robots
Dawn_of_the_Nothing  –  Exile
Driftwood –  James Pants
The Moon And Thunder Dance  – Moa Pillar
Star Trekking  – Eric Lau
sEXYdANiel  –  Baba Stiltz
Twilight Fades   – Royalty
Some Opium in the Wild Tropics –  Aleph
Ebyday –  Cex
Sulfozinum  – Aleph
Black Body Glow   –  WD4D
Lavender  – Blawan
Flying Low –  Moa Pillar
insider (for winston)   – galapagoose
Found Sounds Mixtape –  Elliot


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