Future Face – the 3 session catch up wowza March / April ’11

Huge apologies gangster, have been unable time wise to get up the last three Future Face session mixes and playlists, but have been definately stumbling across some amazing beats over the weeks so here are the playlist and mixes of some of the freshest biz I’ve found across the last few weeks…

Download here

7/4/11 Playlist
Collarbones – Snatch
iL – Her
Wols – Bathyscape Finds A Music Box
Matthewdavid – Cucumber-Lime
Limetipe – Everything Now 2
Mala – Miracles
Coki – Carbon Aliens
Doshy – Holomorth 3ws
Pilot – Oridinary Byt
Chrissy Murderbot – Braaain
Nasty Nasty – Western Slang
Mono / Poly – Glow
Free The Robots – Destroy
Debruit – Mezde
Robot Koch – Late Introduction
Seekae – 3
Scuba – Tense
Untold – Sweat
Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix)
Whomp-a-saurus Sex – Mochipet
Matthewdavid – Today, Same Way
Wols – Araamu’s Army Vs Our Sneakers
Mono / Poly – Toe Jam
Burial – NYC
Mono / Poly – Needs Deodrant
Exile – PCP laced beedies
Nasty Nasty – Brooklyn’s FInest
Debruit – Accorde Don
Citymouth – Sepakulive
Mo Kolours – Drum Talking
Roleo – Tokin’
Mono / Poly – Forest Dark
Matthewdavid – Like You Mean It
Memotone – Bellatrix
Matthewdavid – FLoor Music ft Niki Rands
Bibio – Excuses

Download here

31/3/11 Playlist

Holy Other – Touch
Dro Carey – Much Coke
Moa Pillar – Lake Mystery
Teebs – Double Fifths
Roleo – Future 3.9
Groundislave – Animal ft Jake Weary
Shlohmo – Places
City Mouth – Planetsquat
Exile – Dawn of The Nothing
Memotone – Multicolour
Pixelord – Vulvatron
Jensen Brewster – My Best Friend’s Wedding (Monk Fly remix)
Elliot – Kvxd (Mod) 5-4
Jay Dee – Come Get It (instrumental)
Beatbully – Ajer Wel
Darkhouse – Lemon Drizzle
Disrupt – Events Occur In Realtime
Aleph – Some Opium In The Wild Tropics
Seekae – Blood Bank
Yosi Horikawa _ Passion
Burial – NYC
Burial – Street Halo
Dorian Concept  – My Face Needs Food
iL – Private Service Announcement
Pixelord – Oh Lord
Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears
Free The Robots – Young & Yet Too Old
Seekae – Reset
Black Chow – Damer Version
Claws & Fangs – Westworld
Memotone – Bellatrix
Pinch & Roska – Paranormal Activity
Pixelord, Coax – Equia
Teebs – Archipelago
Kuedo – Zap
Matthewdavid – Motion Trouble
Limetipe – Snake in My Dreams
Slamagotchi – 99 Cents

Download here

Playlist 24/03/11

Los Braingeles  –  iL
Missing Links  – Himuro Yoshiteru
Forgot I Was Here   –   Shlohmo
Lose My Head – Dro Carey
MTI -Koreless
And I Love Her   – iL
Awakening  –  Lupid Ocampo
my boss is abstract – Monk Fly
Fifth Ave  –  Gold Panda
Stompbox  –   The Qemists
Grimy Light  – Paul White
2bit Road   –  Mizz Beats
Mirror in Bologna  –   Tatsuki
Events Occur In Realtime  – Disrupt
face my face  –  Master of Ribongia
Twilight Fades  – Royalty
Standuptall Nippon  –  XLII
Retro Racer  –   Joker
PC featuring Merky Ace & Kozzie (Instrumental)  – Starkey
Carbon Aliens  –   Coki
Piece of Shh…
Danger version  –  Black Chow
My Whole Life  –  Teebs
Things I Lost  –   Shlohmo
Lockdown (Instrumental)  – Primus Luta & Lonesome D
cody’s funky foot 18.3.11 – Monk Fly
Much Coke (Bad God Mix)  –  Dro Carey
Los Braingeles = iL
Kings Bop –  Jeremiah Jae
HelloWrld.Mix   –  AshTreJinkins



2 Comments on “Future Face – the 3 session catch up wowza March / April ’11”

  1. David says:

    Hey man,

    Have been listening to your Future Face session mixes on thursdays and they are sick! Keep up the awesome work! Was just wondering if one of the songs Dot.Ay – Dandy Ceratops (played on 19/4/11) was mixed with the mobb deep track shook ones? Cheers mate!

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