Future Face – Session 56

A big Future Face this week…We started off with a few super new releases this week from the likes of Jonwayne (Alpha PuP), Mike Goa (Machina Muerte) & Caural (Eat Concrete)… (playlist at end of this post) & then we had special guest Roleo, Tobio, Jozz Scott & Know-U come in to do a live sets.

Roleo, Tobio & Jozz Scott kiked of the live sets with a Ableton jam featuring a whole swag of their own productions…

Download here

& then Know-U tonked out the last half hr of the show with a set mostly full of Know-U exclusives.

Download here

All of the special guest are active members of the 104 Collective, check their mixtapes out @ http://www.oneofour.net/
Check out release music from Roleo & Know-U @ The Frequency Lab label

Playlist 21.4.11
Jonwayne – Dreamland
Powell – Atomic Tricks
Ikonika – Smuck
Miqi O – Caravan
Elaquent – Grimey and New
Lapalux – Sister Pick
Jensen Brewster – My Best Friend’s Wedding
Mike Goa – Worthy Unworthy
Nasty Nasty – Brooklyn’s Finest
Dot.Ay – Dandyceratops
Groundislave – One For Her
Roleo, Tobio & Jozz Scott – Live set
Know-U – Live set


2 Comments on “Future Face – Session 56”

  1. waiting to see future face.

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