Future Face – Session 58 – 59

Yo Friendly Fellow Beat Heads

Have been  super busy past few wks, but have had some great local Australian beatsmiths guesting on Future Face over the past couple of wks, they being Jonny Faith from Sydney (session 58) & Galapagoose from Melbourne (session 59)…

Check their live sets below… 2 great sets of Future Beats from too very different artists full of originals and exclusives from the each of them.

Galapagoose live set

Download here

Jonny Faith live set

Download here

To check out the new toons, releases and artists I’ve been digging, check the below playlists:

12/05/11 Playlist                                                                                              

Morangueiro - Jameszoo
Softgram (ichiro_'s Katte Re-edit) - DZA
The Chilski - Stagga
Do U Wanna Fight - Africa Hitech
Why Don´t You? - Eloq
Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk Remix) - DZA
My Sense Of Smell Comes And Goes - Slugabed
White Sheet Beach - Fishing
8DM167 - Albatross
Vagabond - Kilter
Computer Hu$tle (Produced by Kutmah) - Zackey Force Funk
Now I Know - Nocow
Eskimo (Demokracy Remix) - DZA
No Names - NastyNasty
Dirty Sydney - Stagga
Pluto - Boulaone featuring Mouloud Hamidi
Young King Trash - Electric Sea Spider
Footstep - Africa Hitech
5/05/11 Playlist                                                                                           

sleepingpill - Slamagotchi•Panorama•Galapagoose
Captain Nero feat. Montgomery Clunk - Fancy Mike
Glangslap - Africa Hitech
Moving Glowstream (Amon Tobin remix) - ESKMo
Lazer Opera #58008 (Jack Contra's Pagliacci Reprise) - Fancy Mike
Swan Swan feat. Starfawn - Fancy Mike
Requerdate Que - Beatcasso
Mr Hotness - Onetalk
Moonbeam Rider - Slugabed
Afronaught - Ta-Ku
Legwrap - Young Montana
Eastern scene - Elliot
Ramachandran (Pixelord's Tron Cat Remix) - Fancy Mike
Heck Flex - Slugabed
Bonus ft Chief - Ta-Ku
My Boss Is Abstract mix 4 (tape)_01 - monk fly
no time. nowhere -  Billion $ Quartet
BIPLANO FUNK - Digi G'Alessio
cos i can't fit a third - Benjamin Kinsman
Sevah - Nocow
Pulkovo Heights feat. Lapti -  Nocow
Vaudevillas - Julez
93 Million Miles - Africa Hitech
Dreams Can Never Come True - Truth
Mynnd - Young Montana
Nursery - iL
Palms - Guerre
Flying Sky Fortress - ELOS
Day Job - Tokimonsta
Super Soaker - Hovatron
My Sense Of Smell Comes And Goes - Slugabed
Moon Calendar - Room E 

28/04/11 Playlist                                                                                  

Lost & Found - Amon Tobin
DunDeals - ELOS
Late Night Confusion - OStinato (Australia soundcloud friend)
Another Day - Ta-Ku
Future 3.9 - Roleo
All Too Heavy (ft. Brian Greene) - Boxcutter
Thundering plants - Elliot
Fools - Two Fingers
My Best Friend's Wedding - Jensen Brewster
Super Soaker - Hovatron
Fade Away - Yoggyone
Fallen Arches - Tokimonsta
Afronaught - Ta-Ku
Tokin' - Roleo
6. Scatter (Halp & Coco Bryce Remix) - Doshy
BTSTU (Edit) - Jai Paul
The Only Valentine’s Day Failure - Prefuse 73
Trillwave - ELOS
TheOtherHalf 2 - AshTreJinkins
Dreams Can Never Come True - Truth
Goto 10 - Amon Tobin
Be Honest - Jonwayne
Flying Sky Fortress -  ELOS
Gypsy Den II - Room E
333EP3 - 3:33 (Parallel Thought)
Mr Hotness - Onetalk
Day Job - Tokimonsta
The Only Recollection Of Where Life Stopped - Prefuse 73
Elephant Walk - Miqi O.
Clicks - Ta-Ku
Dragon Top - Caural
Ken Griffey Jr. - Comma
Throat Punch - Staunch
Gypsy Trader - Hovatron
Mass & Spring - Amon Tobin
Thumpasaur - Dot.Ay
Freudian Slip (Claws & Fangs remix) - Roleo
Little Smoke (vs. Kab Driver) - Boxcutter
Real Guns - The Blessings


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