Future Face – Session 16/6/11

This Future Face session we dropped heaps of local (Australian) content to coincide with a couple super gigs  that were happening that week… we dropped beats from Cleptoclectics, Jonny Faith, Kid Fiction, Nakagin and the new Electric Sea Spider free release (get that here), and last but not least we had special guest Slamagotchi in for a chat and to drop some of his new productions… all these beat producers were playing shows that weekend… very nice!


Full tracklisting:
Particle Bounce – Cleptoclectics
Slime Time Live – RareBit
Type Send Universe – Pursuit Grooves
Thunder Bay – Hudson Mohawke
Particle Pluto – Kid Fiction
Cyberbully – Jonny Faith
U Know – Montgomery Clunk
Swag Equity – Monolithium
So Beautiful (Dues Paid) – Madlib
Low Rent – Grizzler
Spit Rainbow – Electric Sea Spider
Mixtape – Slamagotchi
Weed Tape – Electric Sea Spider
Camper – Nakagin
New Jack Swing On My Nuts – Claws Costeau
Not Another Monica (Monk Fly remix) – Elliot
Heat Pump – Monolithium
Magic Beans – Slamagotchi


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