Future Face – Session 9/6/11

This session we had super fun mixing up new skwee madness from the Harmonia label’s new various artist release, Harmonia Family Album, plus new blap beats from Zach Christ out thru Moodgadget, Monolithium’s new Error Broadcast release & Anti-G’s new “bubbling” styles out thru Planet Mu… plenty of other fresh bizness in this show’s mix, long one too, just over an hr of the show … Enjoy!


Full track listing:
Cyclic Sun – Africa Hitech
Water Bearer – Christoph El Truento
Hach Me – Zach Christ
You Down With OBP? – Levon Zoltar
Volume One (S-Type Remix) – River Of Slime
Beady Bablo – Jonwayne
Turn the hiphop on – Anti-G
Spectrum – Ostinato
Touch – Holy Other
Moving Forward – Tokimonsta
Lazy Soul – Mux Mool
Selfish Lil’ Crunk – Monolithium
Seasons – Limetipe
Play with Power – Elliot
Phat – Eloq
H3 Space Cruiser (Anomie Remix) – Monk Fly
Swag Equity – Monolithium
Brickface – Room E
Instrumental Reggeaton – Anti-G
We Got More (Loops Haunt remix) – Eskmo
Low Rent – Grizzler
Softgram (Kid Swing Remix) – DZA
Softgram (Krampfhaft Remix) – DZA
Moonbeam Rider – Slugabed
Status Off Air – Blue Daisy
Cinnamon – Fatima
Superbored In Space – Tom2k
Heat Pump – Monolithium
Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp – eLan
Sunburned – Caural
Epic Proportions – Abstract Butta Fingas
Thunder Bay – Hudson Mohawke
Eskimo (Demokracy Remix) – DZA
The Fucking Error!!!!! – Anti-G
Synthetick Maztermind (ft Bjorn Degn) – Zack Christ
Weird Ass Lovin’ – Aaro Dicosta
Young And Beautiful – Digi G’Alessio
Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) – Hyetal
Insider (for winston) – Galapagoose






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