Future Face – Session 30.6.11

This session of Future Face we spun a whole bunch of our favourite releases from June, including artists such Samiyam, Hudson Mohawke, Anti-G, Africa Hitech, Halp, DZA, the Harmonia label’s family album + some tasty free downloads from locals Ostinato & Electric Sea Spider.


Full Playlist:

Another Movement – Ostinato
Cushion – Samiyam
Buddy – Samiyam
Cbat – Hudson Mohawke
Slow Ground – Lucky Paul
The Rhythm Room – Damscray
Bramhall Waits – Soosh
Now Or Never – Tommy Tempa
Heat Pump – Monolithium
Status Off Air – Blue Daisy
Bright Lights Big City (KRSUR remix) – Nino
Low Rent – Grizzler
Lifesized Stuffed Animal – Samiyam
Messages – Ostinato
Octan – Hudson Mohawke
Thunder Bay – Hudson Mohawke
West Coast – D.O.K
Patients – Lord Boyd
Ambrosial – Limetipe
Music for the Ambitious Careerwoman – Rarebit
Electric Wing – Crewdson
Bug Detector – Damscray
Easy Go – DZA
Aeroplane Snacks – Electric Sea Spider
Murasaki Kumo – Mike Goa
Weed Tape – Electric Sea Spider
Brave’s Chords – Mount Kimbie
Seek Em Step – Africa Hitech
Chingo – Eshone
Cabbage – Halp
Escape from Supernova 500 (+verb remix) – Planet Soup
Turn the hiphop on – Anti-G
The Overworld – Lostlojic & Bisweed
Thank You – Hudson Mohawke
Escape – Samiyam
Frontiers – Ostinato
Cinnamon – Fatima
Treetop – Clams Casino
Zach Christ – Hach Me
King Cucumber returns – Benjamin Kinsman
Bedtime – Samiyam


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