Future Face – Session 4.8.11

This week Tobio sat in with us and dropped a bunch of quality in the second hour. In the first hour of the show I dropped a whole bunch of new and forthcoming releases including Planes new Joining Dots out thru Lab Beat, two new MYOR releases ft Coco Bryce & Kelpe, new Pixelord future garage plink biz out thru Leisure System, the new free Elsewhere EP from Nakagin and various toonage of This Things second release X-01 by Baba-X… plenty of other gems, check the playlist below… this wk’s just a wee short mix comin from the first hr of the show… ENjoy!


Full tracklisting:

Immensity & Eternity – Baba-X
Sleep Debt – Nakagin
Day – Baba-X
Filth Factor ’98 – Ras G
Steel Curve – Planes
Vanillaface (ft. Montgomery Clunk) – DZA
The Girl (Pharrell ft Snoop Dogg) – Salva
Radiozilla – Pixelord
Ginormous Bliss – Coco Bryce
The Codices (Mexicans w Guns remix) – Jorge Reyes & Samuel Zyman
Africa ft Samba – Lowriderz
Gravel Pit – Kilter x Miller
Bruse – Letherette
Particle Zoo – Ital Tek
Status Off Air – Blue Daisy
Hggrd Swggr – Chris Are
Heat – Montgomery Clunk
Let it GO – Araabmuzik
Lazer Opera – Fancy Mike
Thank You – Hudson Mohawke
MPD – Gold Panda
Dundeads – Elos
Lifesized Stuffed Animals – Samiyam
Dukshun – Knxwledge
Leave !! – Ras G
Away So Long – Vanilla
Trust ft Guilty Simpson – Paul White
Sleep Rules Everything Around Me – Wugazi
The Pearl – Cleptoclectics
Shell Of Light (Shlohmo remix) – Burial
All I Can Hear Now – Downliners Sekt
Asia – 813
Mynnd – Young Montana
Taking Shape – Planes
Same New Era – Kelpe
Witch Hunt – Zomby
Be Myself – Dark Sky
AwNaw (Nappy Roots) – Devonwho
Baby Love – Monk Fly ft Theodore Ruben Monk
Mule – Baba-X
The Mysterious traces of Jessy Jolly – Monk Fly
Take A Fall – Nocow


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