Future Face – Session 11.8.11

A fun session this one as I had the fine company of Know-U & Jozz Scott in the studio. They graced us with the super new Oneofour Mixtape in the second hour + a DJ set by Know-U to close. In the first hour I dropped a load of tracks off the amazing new Finest Ego’s compilation ft UK/ Ireland artist, a bunch off B.Lewis’ new bumpin Plug Ep (Jus Like Music Records), some new Shlohmo jams out thru Friends Of Friends, DJ Diamond’s new Juke release on Planet Mu, some jazzy tracks from Ears’ new  Sea Legs album (Free The Beats) and the list goes on… full track listing below


Full Tracklisting:

Seriously – Shlohmo
Angelic Wolf – Ears
Trouble – B.Lewis
I’m on Fire (Slugabed remix) – Stateless
Broke in the Gift Shop Interlude – Lupid Ocampo
Wotchagonnado – Mr Beatnick
Wake Ups – Salva
Vibe – DJ Diamond
Naiad – Om Unit
Punta Skala – Don Leisure
Pretzel Town – 3bean
Where Is Everyone – Darkhouse Family
Feel It All Now – Soosh And Gards From KC
Twosome – Kilter
Wooha (Supachip remix) – Busta Rhymes
Black Zinfandel – B. Lewis
Seanie’s Beat – Eomac
Always – Electric Sea Spider
Oneofour Collective new mixtape from here down:
Drawn To A Fire – Elliot
Obesessed – Tobio
Odussomai – Anomie
Grimm – Know-U
Beastman – Ears
Doorag – Roleo
Zooper Dooper – Jozz Scott
Cyberbully – Jonny Faith
Run – 48/4
Pachinko Slot Regret – Nakagin
Baby Love – Monk Fly
It’s Like This – Ostinato
End of Oneofour Collective mixtape, Know-U in the mix from here:
Cycloferon – Pixelord
Telegraph – Maxy Bills
Sidewalk Shore – Ill-esha
Future In The Past – Himuro
Solar Cylce – Om Unit & Kromestar
Naughty Night Naps – Unlimited Gravity
The Transit of Venue
An-ten-nae – Machine Rise Dub
FunkSlime GeneratoR – Freddy Todd


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