Future Face – Session 18.8.11

Roleo came in to chill this session and did all the back announcing enabling Monk Fly to run around less and just enjoy mixing…
In the mix this week new releases and flavours included minimal spacious future garage from Klaus on R&S records, Lunice’s new future blap release One Hunned on Lucky Me plus new glitchy bangas from Circuit Bent on Omelette Records and Mochipet on 1320 Records release. Beyond these super new toons and many others, we also dropped heaps of beats from a US label called Deepblip, we have just discovered them and are enjoying alot. This wk’s show excerpt comes from the first hour of the show… Njoy!



Mass – Virtual Boy (Young Montana Remix)
Juice – Lunice
CLub – Nunca Duerma
Rattlesnake – Free The Robots
Cody’s Funky Feet – Monk Fly
Mag Mag – Ben Butler & Mousepad (Shigeto Remix)
Sidewalk Chalk – Ill Esha
Slow Down – Ostinato
Evasive Action – Paul White
The Battle Of Dinotropolis – Mochipet
Temporary Space Nawner – Daniel Drums
BTSTU – Jai Paul
Theres a bug in my bed – Shadow Attack
Super Fly – DZA
Cheer – Ben Butler & Mousepad (Brokenchord Remix)
Soul Train – Nunca Duera
Walls – Sun Porch (Holy Other remix)
Landscapes – Nakagin
A home away from home – Mochipet
Improvisation 3 – Spartak (Monk Fly remix)
Park It Low – Lukid
Mexicans With Guns – Corizan
The Lick – Dark Sky
Hydra – Circuit Bent
I’m On Fire – Stateless (Blue Daisy Flammable Mix)
May this battle be your last – Living Stone
Into the mine – Pixelord
Reset – Seekae
Pim – Klaus
Feel – Nightwave (Lowtide mix)
Glow – Kuedo (Clark remix)
Wishful Thinking – Kromestar and Jay 5ive
Lifesized Stuffed Animal – Samiyam
Mosquito – Mike Kay
Zen Quake – Leonard Dstroy
Masaya – Ta-Ku
Joining Dots – Planes
Moon Dancers – B.Lewis


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