Future Face – session 25.8.11

Had the fine company of Tobio and Kid Fiction in the studio for the show this week. They dropped some fine bizness in the second half of the show, n i mixed up some freshies out that wk in the first hour including the new releases from Paul White, Free The Robots, eLan and many more… was fun, take a listen!


Full tracklisting:

Paul White – Trust
Kone – Cheese Grater
B.Lewis – Lavacorn
Able – We Have No Time
Free The Robots – The Minds Eye
Ben Butler & Mousepad – Cheer
Digi G’Alessio – Apes on Tapes
Lewis McCallum – Scary Music Pt. 2
eLan – Hunting Season
Kit Complete – Flu Season
Paul White – Evasive Action
Mike Berkley – Carribean Dream
Nakagin – Pachinko Slot Regret
Richmond Lamarr – Black Jacket
Elliot – Space Hopping
Free The Robots – The Free
BD1982 – Calenture
The Two Fifteens – Atari Acid Den
Ifan Dafydd – No Good
Paul White – Right On
Panther God – Fall Funk
Devonwho – AsNaw (Nappy Roots)
Mr Beatnick – Whatchagonnado
Evany – April’s Fool
Jonwayne – BB180
Knxwledge  – SunthngNu
Leonard Dstroy – Quiet Nights
Mo Kolours – Biddies
Dabrye – Won
Tobio & Jozz Scott – Untitled
Devonwho – Move
Lawrence Grey – Peaches for the Baby
Elliot – Not Another Moniker
Lapalus – Quick Kiss
Knxwledge – Rude
Lawrence Grey – Seduce Me, Cosmic She-Hound
Balam Acab – Apart
Soosh And Cards From KC – Feel It All Now
B.Lewis – Les Saisons
Om Unit – Naiad
Lunice – I See U



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