Future Face – September sessions

September was a super month for beats, I also had the pleasure of wizzing down to Canberra to support Samiyam & up to Brisbane to play at Manifest Festival… thanks to those promoters for having me and to Tobio, Jozz Scott, Elliot & Roleo for holding down the radio show will I was away… below is the September catch up post, apologies for the delay… check my travel pics, the tracklistings of new freshness and the show audio extracts, Enjoy!

Future Face – Session 29.9.11

On this weeks Future Face session we dropped heaps of beats off the fantastic Mad-Hop Vol. 3 (free download) featuring many of the globes finest forward thinking beatsmiths… we also took in the super new Eat Concrete release by Aardvarck, skweed out biz on Donky Pitch by V.C. and more glitchy experimental works by Protman on Bedroom Research and by Inflatable Mattress on Wigflip.

Download here

Full Tracklisting:
Lets Just / I Don’t Even – Inflatable Mattress
Build – Ta-Ku
Radio Echo – Option Command
Gak (Miqi O Huey Newton remix) – Huess
Audition – B-Ju
Blade – Maguett
Coast – Monokle
Creator – BFPSP
M.O.P.E. – Ambassaduers
We’ll See Her Again – Monk Fly
Nb 39 – Cyberslut
Proton Delay – Jakub Nox Ambroziak
Deuce Deus – V.C.
Sweton – HeadShotboyz
Nodding Bears – Gaex & Karaoke Tundra
Crimson Ride – Jonny Faith
Kiss My Arse (Instrumental) – Pritch & Trim
90Maxwell – Protman
We Want Ca$h (ft Sensational) [Baconbead remix] – Cardopusher
Pressure Differential – Chairman Kato
Beukeboom – Aardvarck
Mellowdining – aKiLi
School Daze – Cardopusher
Thread Incoming – Himuro Yoshiteru
Superfluid – V.C.
104ebb_20071210 – Protman
Loud Bell – Maguett
L…Carousel…C – Welder
Dik Over Chord – Aardvarck
Allow – Nocow
Upside Down – Epoch
Sat (Himuro Yoshiteru remix) – Tilman Ehrhorn
Afrika – Naive Machine
132tarj_20080114 – Protman
Dominator – Pixelord
Hyacinth – Thriftworks
Interviews – Aquarius Heaven
To The Depth – Dub War
Rossler Master – Ambassadeurs

Future Face – Session 22.9.11

Was up in Brisbane to play @ Manifest Festival, a super festival up in the Mountains an 1 1/2 hours west of Brisbane… once again thanks for Tobio, Jozz Scott & Elliot for holding down the radio show for us… check out some of Elliot’s live beat biz below

Future Face – Session 15.9.11

In this session of Future Face we dropped beautiful new beats by Monokle out on Fuselab, 8 bit pimping biz from Naive Machine out on Hit and Hope Records, a new collaboration by Mark Pritchard and MC Trim on Planet Mu plus load more quality…half the show is for download below

Download here

Full Tracklisting:
Summer Teaser – Monokle
Moonlight Flit – Nocow
Lights – Robot Koch
Man Sized Safe – Chrissy Murberbot
Call of the Wild (Jon Phonica remix) – Naive Machine
Interview- Aquarius Heaven
Hyacinth – Thriftworks
Afrika – Naive Machine
Birds Swirl – Monokle
Tokin (Elliot reglitch) – Roleo
My Buddy – Samiyam
Mr Hotness – Onetalk
Coast – Monokle
Freques – Fits Ambro$e
Ink Dropper – Ta-Ku
Electric Eccentric – Naive Machine
Kiss My Arse – Pritc & Trim
Honey Dip – Scarlett
Pop Girl – AK Kids & 1000 Names
Those Six Skeletons (Loopsnake remix) – Underlapper
Zzz – Fitz Ambro$e
Messy – Ta-Ku
Right On – Paul White
Get In My Life – Hermitude
Cloak and Dagger Empire – Suckafish P. Jones
Friend of Time – Thriftworks
Computer Tang – Neverslept
Jesus Skwept – Neverslept
Throught The Fields – DJAO
Happier Times To Come My Love – Monk Fly
NRV – Laszle

Future Face – Session 9.9.11

Big Shout outs to Tobio, Roleo & Jozz Scott for holding down the show while I was down in Canberra to play with Samiyam… thanks also to Blahnket blog and The Clubhouse for having us down for the show… the pic above is Samiyam @ The Clubhouse

Future Face – Session 2.9.11

In this weeks show we dropped abstract beat gems off Horizon Glow by Option Command fresh out on King Deluxe, some dubwise delights from Quasi Dub Development, some of the new Radiohead remixes including one by Harmonic 313, tasty free soundcloud downloads by Kilter and Jay Scarlett… plus heaps more new quality of course

Download here

Full Tracklisting:

Fragile Hope – Balam Acab
Ellie Can Dance – Option Command
The Free – Free The Robots
Morning Mr Magpie (Nathan Fake remix) – Radiohead
Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion – Oliver Tank
Raincoats – Nakagin
Break Even – Option Command
BTSTU – Jai Paul
Fields Of Sorrow – Jay Scarlet
Hornets Nest – Jonti
John Doe – Origami Pyramid
Chinatown – Kilter
Welcome – Balam Acab
Tribal Dance (Digi G’Alessio remix) – Kappah
Warn-U – Ayshay
Separator (Four Tet remix) – Radiohead
Goldenboy – Thundercats
Apart – Balam Acab
Dance of the Deadbeat – Free The Robots
You Got Me – Nocow
I Almost Had It – Snapsuit
Knotty Moss – Quassi Dub Development
2Good (Jam City remix) – Beaty Heart
Rossler Master – Ambassadeurs
Zoo Keeper (Salva remix) – DZA
The Funky Deal – Dub War
Radio Echo – Option Command
Preserve – Monk Fly
The Mysterious Traces Of Jessie Jolly – Monk Fly
Sidewalk Chalk – Ill-esha
Polybell Strategy – Option Command
Pachinko Slot Regret – Nakagin
Sleep Debt – Nakagin
Cobalt Marmelade Pump – Quassi Dub Development
Easy Lee (DJ Dek Rework) = Riccardo Villalobos
The Acid Race – Richmond Lamarr
Life Has no End – Kone
The Minds Eye – Free The Robots
Hunting Season – eLan
Horizon Glow – Option Command
Bloom (Harmonic 313 remix) – Radiohead


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