Future Face – session 20.10.11

In this session of Future Face radio we spun up new hyper colour beats from eLan out thru Monkeytown, hyper colour glam-step from Rustie new on Warp, floaty beat biz from Jonti, new out on Stones Throw, plus the new and final Japanese fundraising compilation, LA♥JPN♥LA Vol.3, ft cool cats such as Dibiase and Matthewdavid, a couple of tracks of my / Monk Fly’s new Odes Ep out thru The Frequency Lab, plenty of other new toonage including new Kuedo gear on Planet Mu, check the playlist for details

Download here

Full tracklisting:

Mike Berkley – She
Oknai – Subtropic Experience
Baths – Maximalist
sauce81 – Listen to me
Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program – HollyHood / Where Dem Trees
Matthewdavid – Pantherwings
Jonti – Hornets Nest
Lunice – Purp Walk
Harmonic 313 – Problem 6
eLan – 2in5four
Dibiase – uncut
Slugabed – Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
Option Command – Break Even
Al_pd – Gorge
Blue Daisy – Descend
Kuedo – Salt lake Cuts
Oknai – Cassettes 86
Gulls – Mdou Moctar (Tahoultine remix)
Lumisokea – Second
Dysphemic ft Miss Eliza – Creature Child
V.C. – 123
Rustie – Globes
Kidnap Kid – Shouldn’t Be Alone (123Mrk remix)
Michael Bruce – Cheb Hamza and Cheba Wasila remix
Lunice – Juice
Monk Fly – Watching You Watch Him Pass Away
Samoyed – Maybe Yes
eLan – Next 2 Last
Monk Fly – The Mysterious Traces Of Jessie Jolly
Limetipe – Seasons
AWBLZRD – I wish I could be a Rapper
B.Lewis – Smallegs
Elliot – Sun Setting Over Bird Cage Part 2
Elliot – Not Another Moniker (Option Command remix)
Digi G’Alessio – No Experimentation
Jozz Scott – Possessions
Maguett – Loud Bell
Miker Berkley – Diamonds
AGF – Storung
Rigly Chang – SW






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