Future Face – last show of Oct first 2 shows of Nov

November 10th Future Face radio session we mixed up new beats from the floaty new Teebs release, Collections 01 (Brainfeeder), high octane juke rolling biz off the new Bangs & Works Vol. 2 (Planet Mu), the tasty free See-Saw Kids collaboration between B.Lewis and Xperiment (free download), exclusive unreleased toonage from Perth maestro Ylem, new Ostinato soundcloud freebies plus many more quality new releases. This weeks mix comes from the first hr of the show, enjoy!

Download here

Full Tracklisting:
Robot Koch – Love
Teebs – Jahara
Ylem – Submerge
Sina – From Love To Dust (Kelpe remix)
Memotone – Lost Hours
Idiot Savant – Binary Blues
Xperiment x B. Lewis – Reach for the Stars
Ostinato – Yesterdays Future
Dj Rome – Showtime
Kromestar – 2012
Young Smoke – Space Muzik pt. 3
D’vo – Moon Boots
Option Command – Break Even
3LLL – Leaviniss Peace
Teebs – Just The Yellow Bits
Ostinato – Stardust
Ylem – Global Village
Dro Carey – Promothug
48/4 – Mo Murda (instrumental)
Flying Lotus – Pet Monster Shotglass
Robot Koch – Backwards
Sai Love – Cosmic Souffle
Xperiment + B.Lewis – My Lucky Lady
Know-U – Gratitude
Lowaski – Don’t Worry Little Warrior
NegroSaki – RealEyezThru
Teebs – While You Dooooo
Xperimetn x B.Lewis – Open Skies
Jlin – Erotic Heat
Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul
Jlin – Asylum
EPS – Hype The Funk
Young Smoke – Wouldn’t Get Far
Kromestar – Don’t Make Sense
Laneous & The Family – Oh She (MoR remix)
Xperiment + B. Lewis – Powerlines
Cosmo Gets -ARK 280
Robot Koch – The Other Side
Teebs – LSP ft Austin Peralta

Nov 3rd Future Face session my co partner Tobio helped out and together we dropped a heap of the tasty new remixes off eLan’s Next 2 Last, previewed the super Perth-based label Paper Chains sampler vol. 1, mixed in some new Dnte of his Wake Me Up release, spun loads off Eat More Blunt Guts (another super free compilation of beats), plus Memotone’s new Black Acre release, This Thing’s super new abstract floaty release from Thomas William and loads more… check the playlist below

Download here

Full Tracklisting:
eLan – Shoot The Beam (Fitz Ambro$e Remix)
Cosmo Gets – ARK 280
Handbook – Beams
Onra – Girl
Thomas William – jha
Teebs – Pretty Polly
heRobust – Coma Toast
Naik – Battle of Actium
Dnte – Take Me
Lightmeter – Airhead
The Chain – Lostwiel
813 – Rover 75
eLan – Good High (Devonwho remix)
Nakagin – Warbonds
813 – Rock On
OL – Particles
Thomas William – The Last Sunset
Mump – Well NorFF
Long Arm – Organic (FiJi & Eugenia Peters Remix)
Senking – hairline 23C
Memotone – Small Good Thing
Anstam – I Shouldn’t Even Be Here
Dro Carey – Promothug
Ylem – Incandescence
ClearBlue – mindflood
Nakagin – In a Field
Knxwledge – Bestfriends
Long Arm – When We Fall (KRTS remix)
Gonjasufi – The Lows
Knxwledge – SeentYew
Devonwho – Move (Space Kid remix)
OL – Vodka
Eliot Lip & Jasia 10 – Another World
Elos – Fang
Eprom – The Symbiote
James Ireland – Eggrolls (Not the ecstacy)
Monk Fly – H3 Space Cruiser (Anomie remix)
King Midas Sound – King Kongweekend
Wayne Tweed – Serious Fly Hood
813 – Glock Story

Oct 27th Future Face radio session included lovely floaty bizness from local lad Tyson (currently residing in Berlin), the new Error Broadcast release from Taprikk Sweezee, new Jonwayne beats out thru Alpha Pup, a couple of freshies of my (Monk Fly) new EP Odes, plus loads more… Enjoy

Download here
Full Tracklisting:
Option Command – Ellie Can Dance
Matthewdavid – Stealing Sahara
Jonwayne – Escape
Monk Fly – Watching You Watch Hime Pass Away
Slugabed – Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
Taprikk Sweezee – Eating At The Void (B-Ju remix)
Taprikk Sweezee – Eating At The Void (Montgomery Clunk remix)
Jaws That Bite – Pineapple Dirtjuice
eLan – Down 4 You
Jonwayne – Immobile
Gonjasufi – The Lows
Rob Roy – A Robroy Beat
Roleo – Tokin’
Lupid Ocampo – Backwards Sleepwalk
Brain Machine – Alpha Beat Gamma (1000names remix)
Ruffles – Image Problems
Digi G’Alessio – No Experimentation
Onra – A New Dynasty 1
Kilter + Matt Miller – Gravel Pit
Nakagin – Landscapes
Nut’s (diyTokion) – Nova
Kyson – Company For Us
Ostinato – Moving Forward
AK Kids & Slugabed – Charles Bronson
Rustie – City Star
Taprikk Sweezee – Newend (Pixelord remix)
Kuedo – Truth Flood
Monk Fly – H3 Space Cruiser (Anomie remix)
Al_pd – Gorge
Oak – Otaku
Freddy Todd & Black Mic – Keep It 100
Jaws That Bite – Heat
Aoi – DJ Lamborghini Asshole – still trippin juke
Africa Hitech – Out in the streets
Jonwayne – Andrew’s Dead
Taprikk Sweezee – Eating At The Void (Jameszoo remix)
Monk Fly – Happier Times To Come My Love
Jonti – Nodlews Way Home
Digi G’Alessio – If You Don’t Speak English (ft MoR)
Kyson – Washed Out


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