Weekly Beat Down

Sorry for the lateness on this one dudes.

So much quality coming out recently. First up, Ta-ku all the way from Perth released his new beat tape Re ϟ Twerk. A slamming collection of originals, remixes and reworks, big footwork vibes on this one.

Ta-ku – RE ϟ TWERK




In preparation for the 2013 release, Piu Piu give us another taste of beats with their Beat Tape Volume 2. Piu Piu focuses on the beat scene in Montreal featuring amazing artists Kaytradamus, Poirier, Vlooper, Bueller and heaps more. Best of all it’s a free download.

Piu Piu Beat Tape Volume 2


You can also check out the documentry promo below:





From Astro Nautico comes 20 year old Atlanta producer Moist Ghost. Flitting between sound scapes, 2-step, hip hop and a little dub, this is an amazing first LP from a talented guy. Free download as with all Astro Nautico stuff.

Moist Ghost – Big Game Hunter




Last but not least, Gypsy Mamba release this collection of bangers featured on recent mixtapes.Cover art of the week also!



That’s it for this week folks, see you soon.



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