Future Facebook

Lots of fresh bizness coming out at the moment – haters gonna hate, but damn there is some good Trap beats coming from round the world right not… but first up something a little closer to home… our old 104collective homie Thomas William (formerly Cleptoclectics) has just put out a FREE album of remix’s from his 2011 EP deccan technicolour, featuring many talented friends… essential listening.

If you missed the show, stream it from fbiradio’s website HERE


Thomas William – deccan technicolour Remix’s


Monkfly linked me this new EP the other week – probably knowing this wasn’t going to leave my headphones for a while…  B.Visible teaming up with  Mr. Stylestab bringing some glitch-hop flavours… check the tempo change on ‘Good Night Betty’ – jyeah… FREE download

Decktales – Dream Sequence


But what about the Trap beats? Well mixing Latin american rhythms with dirty trap bizness sounds kinda wack.. but this EP by Sango does exactly that and is dope… $1 from our good pals over at Soulection.

Sango – Otra Vez EP 


Make beats? Send them thru to boss-man Monk Fly here… and tune in next Thursday 94.5fm Sydney.. streaming live from fbiradio.com


2 Comments on “Future Facebook”

  1. Adam says:

    Hey future faces, I know you guys have your finger on the pulse and one eye to the future but incase you missed it wierddough released a giant swathe of freshness yesterday.
    See his bandcamp here

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