Blip Blaps

Heaps of tasty beats on this weeks show including stacks of local talent.

First up, all the way from Montreal, BUeLLER brings us ReLATION EP. 12 tracks bangin beats and warbling synths of ‘pay what you want’ goodness.






We had the pleasure of previewing Electric Sea Spider’s new album ‘Supercash’. Due out on November 27th through This Thing, Electric Sea Spider is shaking up the beat scene once again.

Electric Sea Spider – Supercash




L.A. crew Hit+Run release the 3rd and final volume in the Road Kill series. Featuring a diverse collection of music makers in and around L.A., Volume 3 gives a good cross section of what’s happening in the beat scene.

HIT+RUN – Road Kill Vol.3





Finally, Brainfeeder releases My Dry Wet Mess’ debut Stereo Typing. Written over 15 months between Barcelona and Berlin, Stereo Typing is full of scattery beats, winding synths and shifting melodies.

My Dry Wet Mess – Stereo Typing



Big gig at the Burdekin tonight. Beats Home [7] featuring Elliot, Option Command, Ostinato, Kure, Suede Merit and special guests. Then tomorrow night, Land of the Giants with Prefuse 73, Baths, Tycho, Thomas William and Synkro.

Till next time beat heads!



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